These 34 ‘did it hurt’ tweets really do, in fact, hurt

Yes OK it all hurts, leave me alone

1200In the past, you might have been one of those unfortunate people subjected to the cheesy pick-up line, “did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?” by a random guy on a night out. Why they think they think it will work every single time, I have no idea, but clearly there’s someone up there – where we fell from – looking out for us, because Twitter has saved us and transformed this tragic pick-up line into the chaotic meme trend we didn’t know we wanted but always deserved.

As part of this new Twitter trend, people are revamping the visceral cringiness of the original by replacing the second half with a different question that’s intended to hit a little *too* close to home, just so we can be subjected to a fun little bit of roasting that’s just that little bit more personal each time we refresh our feeds and sell more and more of our souls to the algorithm. Here are some of the funniest, weirdest, and most savage takes on the meme that may just have you rethinking everything:

1.Spain but without the s

2. OK, we all already know we have no employment prospects, no need to rub it in

3. Shocked and upset

4. Not me having to finally leave education and stop avoiding the real world

5. Me: ‘Yes I’m well thank you!’, Narrator: ‘She was, in fact, not well’

6. You know, you always think you’ve finally escaped this song

7. Wow, just kick me while I’m down then

8. Charlie this isn’t funny anymore, it was never funny

9. Sorry I can’t make it, Mercury’s in retrograde

10. Bit personal isn’t it

11. I’d like to issue myself a formal apology

12. Look we’re all very stressed out OK

13. Sorry wot

14. Thank you, that was just what I needed to heal

15. I will be taking no further comments at this time

16. Yeah I imagine that would hurt quite a lot actually

17. It was always a slippery slope

18. The prophet, Smash Mouth – so ahead of his time

19. Head jam-packed full of thoughts

20. Wishing you a speedy recovery

21. Meta

22. When they ask you how you are and you just have to say you’re fine, when you’re not fine but you can’t get into it because they’d never understand

23. I know you don’t want to celebrate Christmas until after your dad’s birthday Gemma but let me have this one pls

24. Ugh, I’m so sorry, my brain is completely booked out on that day

25. If you know about it, no you don’t

26. Ah yes, that extremely common and familiar situation that I too have experienced

27. This one, too, is so familiar

28. Make it make sense

29. Watch your back

30. Always just pierces my stone cold, Scooby Doo villain heart

31. Am in absolute disbelief, this is not what I signed up for

32. The void just keeps calling, she won’t leave me alone

33. Brb, entering my own personal Ice Age

34. Honestly, fair

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