One Direction’s Twitter account is no longer verified and the fans just can’t hack it

Up All Night crying over this one x

It was only meant to be an 18-month hiatus, they said. New music is coming, they said. Don’t worry, we’ll be back, they said. Not anymore. One Direction have lost their blue verification tick on Twitter and the Directioners are fuming.

The fans have naturally begun their detective work, and many think account inactivity is the reason for the loss of the band’s blue tick, which is, according to Twitter’s Verification FAQ, one of the reasons account verifications can be taken away. Twitter’s Inactive Account Policy suggests users should log in to their accounts at least every six months to avoid being viewed as inactive.

And this seems pretty legit – despite their massive following of 31.3 million on Twitter, the band’s last tweet is from 29th July 2020, which marked their 10-year anniversary.

And this isn’t even the most savage thing about it. Oh no – Twitter took the tick down on bandmate Liam Payne’s birthday, 29th August. Considering his pretty public yearning for the old band days with the boys, it’s probs not a birthday present he’s too happy about.

So, as ever, the fans have taken to Twitter to express their rage, laughter, and just pure confusion about the whole thing. Here are some of the best of the bunch:

1.They’re really obscure, I don’t think you would have heard of them

2. #gonebutnotforgotten

3. Poor Liam, all he wanted was a quiet one at home with the family

4. Ooh I just got some serious deja vu

5. No exceptions, not even for you Harry

6. Well, I guess What Makes You Beautiful wasn’t for everyone

7. Let us now have a commemorative reading

8. A bad day for One Direction but a good day for a puns

9. Mathematicians have proved that there’s a direct correlation

10. The people have spoken

11. Revenge collab with Olivia dropping this Friday x

12. Devastation about your primary school self’s favourite artist whilst playing a primary school game = a unique kind of pain

13. Didn’t expect to receive therapy on Twitter today but here we are

14. Points were made

15. That escalated quickly

16. Not One Direction being called an indie band, not this, anything but this

17. Twitter really killed the vibe huh

18. Better watch your back Twitter

19. A strange kind of optimism

20. Sorry to have to inform you

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