PSA: Netflix has a ‘French version of Selling Sunset’, and it looks *so* good

Luxury homes and fit French people? Sign me UP

People have just discovered there’s a “French version of Selling Sunset” on Netflix, and this is quite honestly the best news since we found out Selling Sunset season four is happening.

It’s called L’Agence, or The Parisian Agency, and it’s here on Netflix to fill the Oppenheim Group-shaped hole in all of our hearts.

The show follows a fit French family and their independent luxury real estate agency, called Kretz & Partners.

the parisian agency netflix

Some of the Kretz family members

It features four brothers, Martin, Valentin, Louis and Raphaël, their parents Olivier and Sandrine, and their grandmother, Majo.

As well as this it obviously features some incredible houses, and honestly what more could you ever possibly want?

the parisian agency netflix

Just one of the boujee luxury homes in The Parisian Agency on Netflix – this one’s worth a chill €15 mil, no biggie x

The Kretz family’s Parisian business helps wealthy customers buy and sell luxury properties in France and abroad – from Parisian apartments to boujee countryside mansions, and it’s all around just general property porn tbh.

There are five episodes of The Parisian Agency on Netflix, each about an hour long. A second series is reportedly also in the works.

Obviously it’s set in France so you’ll need to watch it with subtitles, but tbh it’s worth it just to be able to look at the fit French people and fit French houses.

Here’s just some of what people are saying about The Parisian Agency on Netflix:

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