David Dobrik drama

Here’s a rundown of David Dobrik’s biggest dramas and controversies over the years

Spoiler: There have been a lot

David Dobrik hasn’t had an easy year, he’s faced endless allegations and controversies but somehow he’s still arguably at the peak of his career. With over 18 million YouTube subscribers and moving in a brand new mansion worth almost $10 million, he looks as though he’s living the dream. But from the past year of all the David Dobrik drama, we can agree he’s faced some pretty hefty allegations and controversies. Just four months ago he was cancelled and lost over 200,000 subscribers because he was called out for alleged sexual assault against ex-Vlog Squad member Seth Francois.

More recently, David has come under fire after filming his friend, Vlog Squad member Ilya Fedorovich, riding a motorcycle into a swimming pool at David’s party. David has a long history with filming dangerous stunts for his YouTube channel, it was only a couple of month ago when squad member and YouTuber Jeff Wittek injured himself filming a stunt.

David’s following seem to be getting tired of the stunts David films and puts online. In the comment section of Def Noodle’s Instagram posting the video, one person said: “Someday one of them is going to get killed and I’m not sure they’ll stop even if that happens”. Another Instagram user said David “won’t stop until he kills someone”.

David Dobrik has had a really messy past from his recent years on YouTube. Here’s a timeline of all the David Dobrik drama from over the years:

The ‘He thought he was kissing her’ vlog clip

TW: Sexual misconduct and abuse

Back in June 2017, David posted the now-deleted “He thought he was kissing her!!” vlog. In the video, David pranks former squad member, Seth Francois into kissing Jason Nash. Jason is a 47-year-old comedian but David told Seth he’d be kissing Corinna Kopf. It wasn’t revealed to Seth who he’d be kissing until it happened.

Seth appeared on Ethan Klein’s H3 podcast earlier this year in February 2021 and spoke about the kissing video. He claimed: “I was touched by someone I did not consent to”.

David hung around with a YouTuber who’d consistently make sexual jokes about women

In 2018, David posted a vlog called “She should not have played with fire!!” in which he hung around with his mates including former Vlog Squad member, Durty Dom. In this video, Dom jokes he had invited over a group of girls to have a fivesome with them. David briefly films the girls whilst Dom makes sexual jokes at them.

Seth Francois said David labelled Seth as the only ‘black friend’ in the squad

TW: Discussion of racism and sexual misconduct

Seth Francois uploaded a YouTube video to his channel called “Accountability to all creators,” back in June 2020. In the video he outlines all of the negative and racist situations he experienced whilst being part of the Vlog Squad. Seth’s video includes clips of David and others joking about taking Seth to the police station, doing blackface, offering Seth watermelon and labelling him as “their only black friend”.

Later that month, David uploaded his weekly podcast episode in which he takes the first two minutes of the 39 minute long episode to apologise for his behaviour. He received backlash for his apology as he didn’t directly mention or address Seth or any of the specific racist situations.

However, more recently David posted this video to his podcast YouTube channel where he apologised directly to Seth. He says: “I just want to make video where everybody in it, whether you are participating or watching, is enjoying having a good time. I missed the mark on that one.”

In the same video, David also addresses how he has distanced himself from Durty Dom. He says he doesn’t align with their actions and does not stand for misconduct.

‘Big Nik’ went on a H3H3 podcast to discuss how he felt worthless in David’s videos

Former Vlog Squad member, Nick Lewswani, went on The H3 Podcast hosted by Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila, to talk about his time in the Vlog Squad. Nick said being in the squad damaged his mental health. He said he suffers from a rare form of dwarfism which also caused him to be blind in his left eye, during his time in the squad he was continuously mocked for his height and disabilities.

Trisha Paytas revealed David hid whilst they had sex with Jason Nash

TW: Discussion of rape and sexual abuse

Trisha spoke on their podcast, Frenemies, co-hosted by Ethan Klein, in February earlier this year. In the episode linked above, Trisha revealed David Dobrik hid whilst they had sex with Jason Nash and filmed Trisha naked without their consent. Jason was allegedly aware of the prank but Trisha claims “there was no consent given. Because I was dating Jason, because I was a participant in the vlogs – that’s my consent?”

David was dropped from several brands

Earlier this year in March during the peak of the David Dobrik drama, he announced he would step down from the board of his photo-sharing app, Dispo. Other sponsors like Chipotle, Bumble and SeatGeek officially announced they won’t be partnering with David going forward.

Fast forward into April and David released another apology video

In this video he claimed his last apology wasn’t done correctly or respectfully. He also said: “I want to start this video by saying I fully believe the woman who came out against Dom and said she was sexually assaulted and raped by him.” He continued to say he should have never discredited the woman by uploaded the video and platforming Durty Dom and the subject of sexual assault.

David came back to YouTube last month with a vlog

Just as though all the David Dobrik drama hadn’t happened, he came back to YouTube with a vlog titled “Surprising my friends”. The entire video shows minimal acknowledgement to the controversies David and the Vlog Squad faced earlier this year and now they’re posting new videos every week.

The Tab has reached out to David Dobrik for comment.

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