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Explained: The ‘chopping dance’ trend on TikTok and where the song is from

I can’t stop banging my hands together and it’s a problem x

There’s a new trend all over TikTok right now and my hands simply cannot resist it – the chopping dance. You know the one: where people bang their fists together frantically whilst answering questions they say they get asked all the time. Like all TikTok trends, it’s come from nowhere and is now simply EVERYWHERE. And everyone’s doing it, from small creators to the athletes representing Team GB at the Olympics and JoJo Siwa.

@itsjojosiwaI’ve been waiting to do thissssssss♬ The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix) – Hoàng Read

But what actually is the new TikTok chopping dance trend, what the hell is the infectious song and where’s it all come from?!

Honestly, this is the easiest dance trend ever

Right, so all you do is bring your fists up on the beat and then bash them together on the fast bit of the song – in a similar fashion to when you watch an episode of Friends and simply have to clap along to THAT bit of the theme tune. Once you’ve done your fist smacking, you flip your hands to trigger fingers, point upwards and repeat.

@mickyxsignspls understand♬ The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix) – Hoàng Read

@laviainielsenbc we don’t wanna embarrass you 😘 ##teamgb ##tokyoolympics♬ The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix) – Hoàng Read

People on TikTok have been answering “questions they get asked all the time” whilst doing it, so shove in some questions you can pretend you’ve been inundated with to live your influencer dream.

What’s the original song?

The song is by Hoàng Read and is called The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix) – and I’m not being dramatic when I say there is more information out there online about top secret United Kingdom classified information than there is about Hoàng Read. The artist is an ENIGMA.

They don’t have any other songs besides The Magic Bomb, they have no social media, no information in their about section on Spotify and the ONLY thing we know is that Hoàng Read is signed to Spinnin’ Records Asia. But that’s all you need to know when you’ve got a banger that goes this hard.

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