Boris Johnson wants it to be mandatory for students to be double-jabbed before uni starts

He’s ‘raging’ that vaccine uptake appears to be slower amongst the young

Boris Johnson wants it to be compulsory for uni students to be double-jabbed, before they move into halls and attend in-person lectures.

The Prime Minister is said to be “raging” about young people’s apparent hesitance to get the coronavirus vaccine.

But despite the Boris’s personal views, it seems there is no coherent government stance on this issue.

This morning, Children’s Minister Vicky Ford said on Sky News that university students wouldn’t be required to be double-jabbed before returning to campus. But then shortly after, Ford went on Good Morning Britain and refused to rule the policy out.

The Department of Education also remains hesitant to introduce vaccinations as a condition for those wanting to come onto campus.

University offers are legally binding meaning that now they have been made, they can’t be rescinded just because a student isn’t jabbed.

Boris’s suggestions that students will need to be double-jabbed to set foot on campus have faced widespread resentment.

Tory chairman of the education select committee Robert Halfon told The Times: “Where does this stop? Do we fire apprentices who have not had the vaccine? Do we remove older students from FE colleges? Do we close down adult education courses where adults have not had the vaccine? I hope not.”

Others took to Twitter to express their annoyance at the Prime Minister’s stance.

UCU, the union representing lecturers, has called on students to be double-jabbed before they return to campus in September, although they have not suggested this should be mandatory.

UCU general secretary Jo Grady, said: “Students and staff endured totally avoidable chaos in the last academic year, and rightly want to put that behind them, but at present there is a real danger that the disruption could return as cases surge and restrictions are eased across the UK.

“To protect students’ education it is vital that governments and providers work with trade unions to ensure vital health and safety measures are in place on campus, including the provision and mandated wearing of masks.

“Before over a million students travel across the country to their places of study, governments must also make university students a priority group for vaccination, ensuring they are fully vaccinated before September. Preventing outbreaks is the first step in delivering a consistent, high-quality education for everyone.”

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