h2o just add water trivia quiz

How well do you remember H2O Just Add Water? Take this trivia quiz to find out

Only Cleo is getting full marks

It’s been 15 years since H2O: Just Add Water first appeared on TV screens and made us all want to be mermaids. The show about the water adventures of Cleo, Rikki and Emma was easily the best thing on Nickelodeon. But just how well do you remember the iconic show from our childhood? It’s time to find out with our H2O: Just Add Water trivia quiz.

The show featured three seasons each with 26 episodes, however all real fans know the first two are the greatest as they contain the original three girls. Cleo, Emma and Rikki had two seasons full of adventures, problems and dating dilemmas. Watching the show made you crack out an Aussie accent at every opportunity and hoping you’d turn into a mermaid at the splash of any water.

But just how much do you remember about the girls’ powers? The full moon? And Mako Island? Take our H2O: Just Add Water trivia quiz to really test your fan knowledge:

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