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These 27 ‘green flags’ show just how low the bar has been set for men

21. When they ask you questions


Everyone has heard of red flags. They’re those early warning signs that mean you should run a mile from someone you’ve just started dating. They call their exes “crazy”, can never commit to a date or literally never apologise. But now people on TikTok have been sharing their green flags. They’re essentially the opposite of red flags – the signs someone is good for you and worth dating.

However the majority of green flags people are sharing on TikTok have seriously got me questioning why our standards for men have dropped so low. Seriously one person’s green flag is “asking you questions”. Is this just not human decent behaviour?

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And scrolling through the many green flag TikToks will make you realise how much we need to up our standards with dating. We’ve come to expect such poor and disinterested treatment from men that we will happily settle and think a guy is Romeo because he actually speaks to his parents with respect and texts you good morning.

These are the 27 most basic green flags that will make you realise how the bar is when it comes to dating:

1. They maintain eye contact during conversations

2. They’re kind to service workers

3. They hug when you say goodbye

4. They speak to their parents with respect

5. They’re not always on their phone

6. They move over to make room and offering a seat next to them

7. They can carry conversations

8. They reply fast

9. They give random compliments

10. They enjoy the sunrise and sunset

11. They’re a safe driver

12. They wait for you to get in your house when they drop you off

13. They text good morning and good night

14. They have snacks

15. They don’t shit on your interests

16. They’re Spotify users

17. They play with their dogs

18. They send full face pics

19. They ask you on dates rather than just hanging out

20. They share music with you

21. They ask you questions

22. They genuinely want to know how your day was

23. Their friends know about you

24. They get along with your friends

25. They can admit when they’re wrong

26. They don’t ask for nudes

27. When they do the thumb thing

Girls, seriously, these standards need to be raised.

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