This is how much the houses on Gogglebox are likely to be worth

I think I’ll be moving to Blackpool

Gogglebox has been off our screens for a couple of months now, replaced only by its slightly less entertaining sibling, Celebrity Gogglebox.

While the celeb edition has its moments, you just can’t beat the OG show. The jokes are better, the people are more relatable, and it features the Malones’ dogs. Need I say more?

It’s also really interesting, seeing inside the casts’ houses, but have you ever wondered how much they’re worth?

We’ve collated the houses of the current Gogglebox cast and estimated how much they cost based on the average house prices in the area where they live. Enjoy!

Pete and Sophie- £182,080


The iconic Pete and Sophie

Pete and Sophie are the show’s primary comedic duo. The only thing annoying about them is their ridiculous mugs.

Pete also dresses like he mugged someone outside Topman in 2012 but that’s probably because he’s using his money to buy a deck and a jacuzzi for the semi-detached Blackpool house he shares with his sister.

The average house of that size costs around £182,080 in Blackpool.

The Siddiquis- £217,446


I love the Siddiquis

The Siddiquis have been on Gogglebox for years now, cutting through the world of TV bullshit with their witty remarks.

Baasit, Umar and their father Sid, all live in Derby where a house costs £217,446 on average.

Jenny and Lee- £35,000


In Hull, best friends Jenny and Lee

My favourite Jenny and Lee moment was when Jenny offered to make her best friend a crisp sandwich. She asked Lee if he’d like tomatoes in it and he said no. When she asked him if he’d like salad cream, he said yes. That sounds like absolute heaven to me and frankly I can’t wait to try it. Quick question: what is salad cream?

Culinary delights such as the famous crisp sandwich are cooked up in the kitchen of Lee’s caravan which is valued at around £35,000.

The Malones- £375,000


Dave doing what he does best

The Malones are vintage Gogglebox contestants. Tom (the dad) has a set of facial expressions that somehow speak for the entire nation, while Julie (the mum) is the absolute queen of the savage put-down.

The grown-up kids are average players on the Gogglebox scene, but the dogs are iconic. No Gogglebox episode is complete without Dave trying to steal a cake from what is always a very large selection.

The Malone family house is in Manchester where a five-bedroom house costs £375,000 on average.

Ellie and Izzi- £227,427

Ellie and Izzi are proper Leeds girls through and through, offering down-to-earth and relatable opinions while slumped on their sofas in the front room of Izzi’s four bedroom house.

In Leeds, that size house would set you back about £227,427.

Giles and Mary- £382,344


Nutty and…Nutty

I change my mind constantly as to whether or not I like these two. Most of the time Giles is just being a bit obnoxious and Mary is always telling him off, all of which can get a bit grating after a while. But every now and again they pop up with a weird reaction to something and it’s just priceless.

Shockingly, my opinion has no effect on their house price whatsoever. Their quaint, thatched cottage costs around £382,344.

Amira and Iqra- £609,798

Amira and Iqra joined the Gogglebox cast when they were still at school. Now they’ve become indispensable characters on the show, cracking us up with their golden reactions to all things TV.

And they’re lucky enough to live in a four bedroom house in North London which costs around £609,798.

Sue and Steve- £717,430

You get brief glimpses of the inside of Sue and Steve’s South London house, and to be honest, it’s no wonder it’s probably worth around £717,430. It just looks so fancy!

The Vens- £700,000

Marcus and Mica are swiftly becoming Gogglebox icons, entertaining fans with their flirty banter.

Like Sue and Steve, the Ven family also live in South London, with their house most likely worth around £700,000

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