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Finished watching Sex/Life on Netflix? Watch these 11 steamy movies and TV shows next

Finally something to quench my thirst x

Whether you’ve finished Sex/Life or you just got up to 19:50 on the third episode, you’re probably thinking of all the shows similar to Sex/Life that you can watch.

Luckily for you, Netflix has many other films and TV shows which are top tier level of sexy and you can watch all of them right now. It’s no doubt that you’re probably really thirsty, so here are all the similar shows to Sex/Life that will help quench your thirst:

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

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Let’s start with the most obvious choice, Fifty Shades of Grey is a very horny movie. It follows a woman called Anastasia Steele who interviews Christian Grey by chance because her flatmate can’t make it. Christian is a rich, sexy and powerful man and both him and Ana are drawn to each other. Ana and Christian have an affair and Ana learns about Christian’s true sexual desire to push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

2. Addicted

Addicted Netflix

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Addicted was originally a book but has since been adapted into a film. The Netflix description says: “With a caring husband, two kids and a great career, Zoe has it all, until she develops an insatiable hunger for sex with other men.”

3. You Me Her

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This show has kind of similar vibes to Sex/Life. It’s focused on a married couple who enter a three-way romantic relationship. The Netflix description says: “Emma, Jack and Izzy navigate their first encounter as a threesome.”

4. Yes, god, Yes

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This film is on Netflix and it focuses on a religious teenager who goes through a sexual awakening. It follows Alice, a junior in a Catholic high school who gets taught about how any sexual activity which isn’t aimed toward procreation in a heterosexual marriage is a sin.

5. Bridgerton

bridgerton porn

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If you’ve watched Bridgerton, then you should know the exact episode I’m talking about here. There’s an actual sex montage in episode six where Daphne and Simon can’t stay away from one another. They have sex several times, in a bed, in a field, in the rain and even on a ladder.

6. 356 Days

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The Netflix description for 365 Days says: “A woman falls victim to a dominant mafia boss, who imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him.” If you haven’t watched 365 Days already, get back to me when you know what I mean by “the yacht scene”. You’re welcome.

7. You


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If you love a bad boy then you have to watch You. The main guy Joe is a literal stalker and he’s very hot. Once you look past the fact he’s a murderer, you notice the sexiness is dotted around throughout the series.

8. After

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Another one of the similar shows to Sex/Life, After is a movie based on a steamy sex novel. It follows the life of Tessa Young, a freshman in college. After she meets alluring bad boy Hardin in her first week, their romantic relationship gets intense and they move in together.

9. White Girl

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The synopsis of White Girl on Netflix says: “A college girl romping through New York City in search of cocaine and other highs finds something real to grasp, only to see it potentially slip away.”

10. Cam

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Cam is a psychological horror film about webcam pornography. A cam girl’s channel is hijacked by a look-alike and she has to track down this person in order to get her following and identity back.


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Bonding is a TV show on Netflix and was just added this year. It’s about a New York City student whose second job is being a dominatrix. She enlists her best friend from high school to be her assistant.

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