Love Island viewing figures ranked: How this year compares to previous series

This series has got some ground to make up

Love Island is in full swing with contestants already getting savagely dumped and replaced (RIP Shannon, please come back). But while the drama is accelerating, the shows viewing figures appear to be falling.

The number of people who watched the first episode of Love Island 2021 is 25 per cent lower than that recorded for the first episode of the 2019 summer series. A lot of that has to do with the fact it clashed with Euro 2020 match that saw competition favourites France dramatically catapulted out of the competition after a penalty shoot out.

Here’s a ranking of all the Love Island series from most to least popular, based on the first episode of each show.

1. 2019

love-island viewing-figures

Living legends

First episode: 3,300,000 viewers

Series finale: 3,600,000 viewers

2. 2018


Dr Alex pulling in the ratings

First episode: 2,900,000 viewers

Series finale: 3,600,000 viewers

3. 2020 (Winter series)

I still can’t get over Connor’s veneers

First episode: 2,500,000 viewers

Series finale: 2,400,000 viewers

4. 2021

I’m boycotting until Shannon comes back

First episode: 2,470,000 viewers

Series finale: N/A

5. 2017


The boys

First episode: 1,300,000 viewers

Series finale: 2,600,000 viewers

6. 2016

Remember Alex and Olivia?

First episode: 825,000 viewers

Series finale: 1,300,000 viewers

7. 2015


It’s your boys tony and John

First episode: 597,000

Series finale: 737,000 viewers

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