Quiz: Can you match the animated characters to the voice actors who played them?

I bet you can’t remember who played King Julian

Kids’ films are incredible. They combine easy entertainment, with little easter eggs of adult humour and huge helping of nostalgia.

Take Shrek, for example. Regardless of the order in which you’d rank the Shrek films, they all absolutely slap (apart from Shrek Forever After). Innuendos about Lord Farquaad or absolute bangers performed by Fairy Godmother provide the ultimate Sunday hangover cure.

But there’s one really annoying moment that gets you every time- when you really recognise one of the characters’ voices, but because of their animated disguise, you can’t quite put your finger on who it might be. And then you google it and your mind is blown.

Well, now it’s time to test your knowledge. So many iconic actors, singers and TV personalities have snuck into kids’ films without you realising it. Take this quiz to test whether you can match the animated characters to the voice actors who played them.

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