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As a lesbian, I see nothing wrong with Billie Eilish’s music video and neither should you

Having fun with your mates isn’t queerbaiting

Last week, Billie Eilish was accused of queerbaiting after she uploaded a post on Instagram promoting her latest music video to her song called Lost Cause. The post included loads of behind the scenes pictures of herself and her dancers. In the music video and Billie’s Instagram post, everyone is seen dancing together and generally just having a good time.

The comments on Billie’s Instagram post was flooded with her fans claiming she was queerbaiting. One person commented: “Are you gay or are you queerbaiting?” and if I’m honest, I’ve got second hand embarrassment from every single person who has accused Billie of queerbaiting.

For those of you who might now know what the term “queerbaiting” means, it’s basically where people allude to LGBTQ+ representation or same-sex relationships without actually representing them. In short: the idea of queerness is teased but nothing ever concludes from it, it’s a strategic move to get LGBTQ+ clicks.

You’re probably wondering why the hell has Billie Eilish been accused of queerbaiting?? It’s because in her music video she has scenes of herself and dancers rolling on top of each other in nude coloured pyjamas, hyping each other up while they dance and one dance also grabs Billie’s bum. There is nothing queer about the video. Why are we even having this conversation?? Your attempt to call Billie out for queerbaiting is embarrassing.

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The term “queerbaiting” isn’t something you just throw around. It’s not like Billie’s music is specifically aimed to target and attract queer women. Also people need to stop assuming and guessing her sexuality. She’s never come forward about how she identifies  and she really shouldn’t be forced to either.

You know as well as I do that there wouldn’t be half this uproar if she didn’t have a boyfriend. Have you forgotten sexuality is a spectrum? You cannot assume anyone’s sexuality – it’s not your place to define how someone should identify or guilt them into doing it themselves.

Women have always been sexualised, a group of us together is immediately considered more sexual than it is. If anything, this whole ordeal shows how screwed up the world is. As women, we have no space to explore our sexualities, we’re controlled until we’re forced to come out and define ourselves – it’s so fucked.

Of course I can’t speak for all lesbains, but I can’t see anything wrong with Billie’s video. All I can see is Billie being comfortable with her friends – just get off her back. It’s so dumb that people can’t allow a 19-year-old woman to explore female intimacy without being sexualised, fetishied or cancelled because she hasn’t been upfront about her sexuality before doing so.

Obviously queerbaiting is bad and it does occur in the music world. It’s so problematic when musicians and celebs profit off our a community they’re not even part of. But Billie isn’t doing that, she’s not queerbaiting – she’s just doing what we all did when we were at sleepovers or when we get drunk with our friends.

As a lesbian who’s just come out, I see nothing wrong with Billie’s music video. There isn’t anything remotely sexual, it’s just her having a good time with friends. There is no way for us to know whether Billie is queer or not without her telling us, which she definitely doesn’t need to do.

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