Consider yourself an ogre achiever? Take this iconic Shrek lyrics quiz to find out

Inject the entire Shrek discography into my veins

If you’ve watched all four Shrek films then you’ll know there are some absolute bangers thrown into them.

Who knew back in 2001 that a story about a green Scottish ogre living in a swap with a donkey, would actually serve some of the biggest anthems we had growing up? The entire discography slaps SO hard, it’s God tier.

Nothing will ever compare to the feeling when you sat in the back of your mum’s car listening to Hallelujah with your head pressed against the window for the first time. The Shrek discography ticks all the right boxes, it makes us cry, laugh, knee slide across the kitchen floor and dance like it’s the last song of the year 6 leavers disco. To put it bluntly: it’s stunning.

But do you know your Livin La Vida Loca from your Holding Out for a Hero? Are you positive you can tell apart Ever Fallen in Love from Accidentally in Love? This quiz will tell you how well you really know the lyrics to the most iconic songs from all four Shrek films.

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