Who is Danny Malin, the Leeds viral sensation from Rate My Takeaway?

He’s eating his way through the best venues in the north

There’s just something so soothing about Rate My Takeaway.

For the uninitiated, Rate My Takeaway is the YouTube channel of Danny Malin – a Barnsley born and bread Yorkshireman who’s become an internet sensation with his extremely wholesome content. Danny spends his days driving round northern eateries with his silent cameraman (who Danny always jokes is getting none of the food), trying out any places that are going viral online for whatever special they serve.

Danny’s literally been here, there and everywhere trying everything from Indian street food in Leeds, 90s throwback boxes filled with turkey twizzlers and potato smilies in Wales and even driving all the way up to Scotland for the most cursed deep fried munch box you’ve ever seen in your life.

He’s always on the hunt for any good student scrans, and has visited a load of places popular with students in cities around the north – especially his native Leeds.

As fun as it is living vicariously through Danny’s absurdly massive piles of food, the reason why the world is falling in love with the YouTube channel is because of the man himself. Full of the kind of northern quips and old wives tales you’d hear your nan saying growing up, his whole energy is the epitome of cozy.

But who is Danny Malin!? What does he do for a living!? Where’s he from!? Let’s have a look, shall we!

Where’s Danny Malin from?

Rate My Takeaway, Danny Malin

So, Danny was born in Barnsley but then moved to Leeds. It was in Leeds where he started working at Malcolm Michaels’ Quality Butchers, where he’s said the people are like family to him and he’ll “never leave, even if I became a Hollywood star!”

How did he start going viral?

Only 14 months ago! Danny started his journey to online fame because a few of his videos on Facebook went viral after he filmed himself ranting over people panic buying toilet roll as Covid properly kicked off last March.

Since then, Danny set up his Rate My Takeaway channel, which now has 226,000 subscribers and his most popular video is at over 1.6 million views.

Why does everyone love him so much?

Because you can’t help it, he’s the YouTube version of Peter Kay! He’s cheery, funny, confident and strolls about with a camping chair and table and sets it up in the middle of the street to eat a massive burger with unbridled enthusiasm and a song in his heart! He orders that massive share box you’d never dare to ask for and eats it so you don’t have to. Doing God’s work.

Personal life?

Danny Malin, Rate My Takeaway

Image: Danny Malin

Danny’s a busy dad of 6, and looks after the kids alongside creating his content and working at the butchers.

What else is he up to?

He’s stretching out to other social media platforms to share his outrageous food journey with the world, and is planning to trek even further for any meals that are getting hype online now lockdown restrictions are easing.

That means popular takeaways down south might soon be in for the Rate My Takeaway treatment.

Follow Danny on Twitter at @RateMyTakeaway and Instagram at @RateMyTakeawayOfficial.

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