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‘Are the emoji people okay?’: People are just finding out the meaning of the 🥺 emoji

And no, it doesn’t mean ‘adorable’

The 🥺  emoji is quite probably one of the most commonly used emojis. It’s versatile. You can use it when someone sends you can adorable dog photo, when you’re trying to convince someone to do something for you, or when you’re just generally feeling like a bit of a beg.

Well, people have found out its true meaning. And no, it’s not an emoji for ‘eyes watering’,  ‘adorable’ or ‘innocent eyes’. It actually means ‘please sir’.

Where’s the vomit emoji when you need it??

If go onto the keyword emoji search bar on your keyboard and type in ‘please sir’, the innocent eyes emoji appears. It also apparently means ‘pretty please’ for the same reason, but that’s significantly less yucky.

In a now viral Instagram reel shared @best_of_grindr, one shocked person said: ” I did not need to wake up to this”, before adding: “who the fuck at Apple was responsible for this”. My thoughts exactly.

Another tweeter also simply asked “are the emoji people okay?”. No, they most definitely are not.

Some pointed out that maybe it wasn’t inherently sexual, and instead pointed out that it could be a reference to the ‘please sir can I have some more’ scene in the 1948 film and stage show, Oliver Twist.

However, let’s be real, why on earth would you need an entire emoji dedicated to such an old film reference for use in everyday conversation?

Other Twitter users also pointed out that it reminded them of Puss in Boots from the iconic noughties film, Shrek.

So, is the 🥺  emoji a harmless, old movie reference? Or is it a slightly more sinister, NSFW innuendo? I’m not sure.

But either way, the 🥺  emoji joins a very long list of innocent-looking emojis with a deeper meaning. Just do your best to stop your mum using it when she sends you cute dog pics.

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