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Only 10 per cent of people pass this maths quiz, so should you be heading back to school?

I am ashamed

Do you ever think back to your time at school and realise that you retained absolutely none of the information whatsoever? Maths is one of those subjects that a lot of us will admit we have no recollection of, so a school quiz on it now definitely wouldn’t show us at our best. Algebra? Fractions? Long division? Don’t know her, sorry.

Remote learning provider, Oxbridge, has pulled questions from previous AQA and Edexcel GCSE and A-Level exam papers in that most dreaded of subjects: maths, and challenged people to test how much they remember from their days in the classroom.

The results so far show that Gen X (aged 40-54) performed best, Gen Z came next, followed by Millenials and Baby Boomers both averaging at the same, lowest score. Only 10 per cent of people can pass this test, and only five per cent will score full marks. So get ready to be embarrassed, because you’re probably about to find out that you remember next to nothing from maths at school. Just a heads up: This is hard.

Take this maths quiz to see if you should be heading back to the school classroom:

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