come dine with me whisk guy

The Come Dine With Me whisk guy has revealed why he shoved the whisk in his mouth

We’re finally getting the answer we’ve been waiting for

The most iconic Come Dine With Me moment of all time has to be the guy shoving a whisk in his mouth. And now DJ Kev Riley aka the actual whisk man has revealed why he did it.

DJ Kev Riley appeared on the TV show all the way back in 2012 and became a TV legend when he shoved a whisk in his mouth whilst making a cheesecake.

Kev appeared on the Curios Cast podcast and was asked why he deep throated the whisk. He said he wasn’t actually sure why he did it, it was just something to make the producer laugh.

He said: “Do you know what? Loads of people ask me that, and I don’t suppose I know the answer.

“It was just something I did to make her [the producer] laugh really. And I knew at the time that I did it – because they all absolutely wet themselves laughing – I thought, ‘That’s definitely gonna be in the show.'”

Kev went on to discuss the success of the clip that has now been memed and even been put on T-Shirts. However Kev said he hasn’t made any money from his iconic moment.

He said: “Then there’s people who have sold T-shirts, merchandise, people have sent me WhatsApp messages where their missus has bought them a Valentine’s card with it on.

“It’s gone crazy but I’ve never made a penny out of it. I don’t think Channel 4 have really, or Come Dine With Me.”

Though he may not have made any money from it, he will forever remain one of the most iconic Come Dine With Me contestants.

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