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QUIZ: Which one of the Bold Type girls are you?

You wish your life was as exciting as Kat’s

In honour of the trailer for the fifth and final season of The Bold Type being released, it’s time to find out which of the three main girls you resemble the most by taking our Bold Type quiz.

The first four seasons of the show dropped on Netflix earlier this year and aside from making everyone want to drop everything and move to New York, there has never been a friendship group I’ve wanted to be a part of more. The Bold Type follows Kat, Jane and Sutton as they navigate working at Scarlet magazine in New York City. Kat is social media manager turned podcast host, Sutton works in fashion, and Jane is an up-and-coming writer.

Throughout the crazy outfits, extreme and sometimes ridiculous assignments, and their drama-filled love lives, their friendship is the one thing that can be relied upon. Jane, Kat and Sutton are all incredibly different but I want to be friends with all three of them.

But which of the three are you most like? Are you hardworking, organised, and quiet like Jane? Would you say you’re creative, a people pleaser, and determined like Sutton? Or do you think you’re extroverted, fearless and brutally honest like Kat?

There’s only one way to find out – take this Bold Type quiz and we’ll tell you whether you are more like Kat, Jane or Sutton based on your defining characteristics:

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