Revealed: The reality TV shows that produce the richest contestants on Instagram

I wouldn’t bother applying for Love Island

It’s no secret that after a reality show goes out on air, the follower counts of contestants sky rocket.

This leads to lucrative deals where brands will pay thousands for the now internationally famous influencers to post a single image marketing their products.

But how much do these reality stars make per post? Who makes the most? And crucially, which reality TV shows could make you the richest? New analysis by provides all the answers.

Too Hot To Handle makes contestants the richest on Instagram


No wonder the THTH cast are celebrating

This table shows the average earnings past contestants of reality shows make per Instagram post


You won’t catch me applying for Dating Around

Too Hot to Handle came first, with former contestants earning on average $6,818 per Instagram post.

Love Is Blind came second, shortly followed by The Bachelor, with contestants earning $2,210 per post and $1,154 per post respectively. Love Island came in at fifth with contestants earning only $830 per post.

In last place was Dating Around, with those who appeared on the show only making $42 per Instagram post. I’d still take it.

Unsurprisingly, the richest individual contestants came from the most lucrative shows.

Francesca Farago earned the most per Instagram post

This table shows top 10 Instagram earners from the reality shows


Francesca Farago is miles in the lead

Francesca Farago came first, earning on average $25,844 per post, shortly followed by co-star and potential lover, Harry Jowsey, who earns $19,730 per post.

Lauren Speed of Love is Blind came in at third, earning $12,978 per post, while not a single Love Island contestant made the top ten.

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