aaron taylor johnson divorce

Wait why does everyone think Aaron Taylor-Johnson is getting a divorce?

Twitter gals are getting thirsty

Many people on Twitter are getting thirsty over a rumour that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is getting a divorce, despite there being zero evidence to suggest this is the case.

People are sharing memes of themselves getting excited about the prospect of being able to date Aaron aka Robbie from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

But this is most definitely just a untrue rumour based on the fact that Aaron and his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson, have sold their home. Neither Aaron or Sam have commented on the rumours.

So why does everyone think Aaron Taylor Johnson is getting a divorce?

This rumour seems to have started on Twitter today but it’s unsure which account began the rumour.

It seems to have stemmed from the sale of their mansion which was listed for $7.5million earlier this month. Guys people can sell a house without getting a divorce, they’re probably just getting a bigger house for them and their two kids.

Sam and Aaron are also working together on a new movie called Rothko, so it looks like there is zero chance of them breaking up.

So whilst they are not getting a divorce we can still enjoy the thirsty memes from people on Twitter who think they have a chance of getting with him, get in line huns:

The Tab has contacted Aaron and Sam’s reps for comment. 

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