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Inside Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar’s unhinged world of M&S TikTok

Colin and Percy are best friends, obvs x

On August 20th in the year of our lord 2020, Marks and Spencer posted its first ever TikTok, and an icon was born. The TikTok has life-sized mascots of Percy Pig (like the sweets) and Colin the Caterpillar (like the cake). Percy and Colin recreate scenes from Bake Off and Love Actually, with captions like #HotPigSummer. In short: It’s unhinged, but you can’t help but watch and get sucked deep into the world of M&S TikTok.

With the help of Percy and Colin, Marks and Spencer has amassed almost 95k TikTok followers and 1.5 million likes. The M&S account features celebrities like Tom Daley and Fred from First Dates, and even shows Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar in their own versions of popular TikTok challenges, songs and trends, such as the “oh no no no no no”, Buss It, and M to the B.

Comments on the videos include: “Please when will someone stop Percy? He is too powerful”, “I live for that pig”, and “Is it bad that I would happily volunteer to be in the Percy suit?”

m&s, marks and spencer, marks and spencer's, percy pig, colin the caterpillar, tiktok, caterpillar cake

I just wanna wear a Percy Pig suit, eat Colin the Caterpillar cake and go on TikTok all day long x

This is not just any TikTok roundup, it’s an M&S TikTok roundup. Now buckle up and let’s take a deep-dive into the unhinged world of M&S TikTok, where Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar reign supreme over Marks and Spencer.

Here’s the very best that Marks and Spencer faves Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar cake have to offer on M&S TikTok:

Name a more iconic duo

@mandsfoodNational treasure + National treasure = 🤝 ##colinthecaterpillar ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

I don’t really have any words to describe what’s going on here

@mandsfoodShowing up to Easter dinner like… 🐷 ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food


@mandsfoodPercy waking up on April 12th ##hotpigsummer 🐷♬ original sound – M&S Food

Wish my office looked like this

@mandsfoodAfter a very important board meeting at Percy Pig HQ, the cuddliest (and piggyest) toy EVER is ready for launch at your local M&S! ##percypig ##fyp♬ THE BEAUTYS VIBES – Kevin Mcdaniels

The Colin the Caterpillar cake falling to the floor conveyed more emotion than any film I’ve ever watched

@mandsfoodThere’s only ONE winner for The Great British Bake Off ##Biscuitweek : our ##percypig biscuits. Percy will do anything to defeat the com-PIG-tition♬ original sound – M&S Food

Me after getting to the library, opening my laptop and drinking my iced latte

@mandsfoodWork from home vibes. Or should that be work from 🐷 sty vibes? ##wfh ##lockdown ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

Check out Tom Daley’s really good acting here

@mandsfoodPigs might not fly but can they dive? We couldn’t be more excited to find out AND announce the newest member of Team M&S Food: @tomdaley 🐷 ##tomdaley♬ original sound – M&S Food

Colin the Caterpillar and Percy Pig starring in a cinematic MASTERPIECE

@mandsfoodIt’s time to watch PIG ACTUALLY! It wouldn’t be Christmas without a classic festive rom-com, starring ##percypig , Penny and ##colinthecaterpillar 🐛🐷♬ original sound – M&S Food

‘It’s P to the P’

@mandsfoodIt’s P to the P 🐷🐷🐷🐷 ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

Besties x

@mandsfoodGuess what, two pretty best friends exist! DC: @theoreoofficial ##twoprettybestfreinds ##percypig ##colinthecaterpillar 🐷🐛♬ original sound – M&S Food

Who said romance was dead?

@mandsfood🐷💕Percy and Penny’s date night challenge. Who did it best, Percy or Penny? ##datenightchallenge ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

Hey Siri, show me every single Zoom seminar ever

@mandsfoodMonday. WFH. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there Percy! 🐷 ##workingfromhome ##WFH ##Percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

Please can we talk about how horrifying the original Percy Pig is

@mandsfoodThis is not just any glow up… 🐷 ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

Fred from First Dates on his way to steal your girl

@mandsfoodLook who’s trying to steal Percy’s girl…it’s only @fredsirieixofficial ##mrstealyogirl 💕🐷♬ original sound – M&S Food

Okay but why is this actually kind of a vibe? No? Just me?

@mandsfoodPERCY AND THE PIGS 🐷 Percy’s debut album was supposed to launch in 2020… Here’s a sneak peek 👀 ##albumcoverchallenge♬ original sound – M&S Food

Nothing to see here

@mandsfoodThunder only happens when it’s raining. Raining Percy Phizzy pop, that is ❤️🐷 @420doggface208 @mickfleetwood♬ original sound – M&S Food

Ant and Dec are quaking watching this

@mandsfood🐷 Percy’s audition for @imacelebrity 2021… Look out @antanddec , Colin’s after your job! 🐛 ##ImACeleb ##percypig ##colinthecaterpillar♬ original sound – M&S Food

Catch me cracking out these moves on June 21st

@mandsfoodPercy on June 21st 🐷🎉 How did he do @perri.kiely ? ##percypig♬ original sound – M&S Food

Featured image via TikTok @mandsfood

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