Ranked: Drag Race UK season two queens by who’s gained the most Insta followers

The winner now has over half a million followers 😮

This series of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK is undoubtedly the best thing British TV has ever given us. We’ve been graced with UK Hun?, the ultimate banger that’ll be topping everyone’s Spotify Wrapped come the end of the year, as well as iconic Ratz the Rusical and *that* H&M meme. And of course, it’s given us Bimini Bon Boulash, nation’s sweetheart and the brains behind Katie Pwice and a whole lot of fit runway looks.

The whole country has fallen in love with all the Drag Race UK season two queens, and of course their Instagram followers have increased by an absolute ton. But which queen is the most popular and has the Insta followers to prove it?

Here’s all the Drag Race UK season two queens, ranked by who’s gained the most Instagram followers:

12. Sister Sister

Insta handle: @officialsistersister

Percentage growth: 230 per cent

via Instagram

Before Drag Race started, Sister Sister had 13,854 Insta followers. She now has 45,692, meaning her followers have increased by 230 per cent – the least of all the Drag Race UK season two queens.

11. Cherry Valentine

Insta handle: @thecherryvalentine

Percentage growth: 249 per cent

via Instagram

Next up is Cherry Valentine, who’s Insta followers have risen by 249 per cent. Before week one she had 37,895, but by the final was on 132,182 followers.

10. Ginny Lemon

Insta handle: @ginnylemon69

Percentage growth: 286 per cent

via Instagram

Ginny Lemon made Drag Race herstory by refusing to lip sync and instead walking off stage. Ginny had 29,621 followers before the show and has 114,214 now, an increase of 286 per cent.

9. Ellie Diamond

Insta handle: @elliediamondofficial

Percentage growth: 304 per cent

via Instagram

Next up is Ellie Diamond, who came fourth in last night’s final. Her Instagram following increased by 304 per cent, going from 24,680 to  99,809 followers.

8. Joe Black

Insta handle: @misterjoeblack

Percentage growth: 306 per cent

via Instagram

Joe Black grew by slightly more than Ellie, at 306 per cent, going from 39,270 to 159,512 followers. Joe was eliminated in the first week of this Drag Race UK season, then was brought back after lockdown and eliminated first again.

7. Asttina Mandella

Insta handle: @asttinamandella

Percentage growth: 311 per cent

via Instagram

Next up is Asttina Mandella, who’s Instagram followers have risen by 311 per cent. Before the season started she had 25,467 followers, and is now on 104,569.

6. A’Whora

Insta handle: @awhora

Percentage growth: 531 per cent

via Instagram

One quarter of The United Kingdolls, fashion queen A’Whora has seen her Instagram followers grow from 42,718 to 269,602. That’s a 531 per cent increase.

5. Tayce

Insta handle: @itstayce

Percentage growth: 584 per cent

via Instagram

Finalist and “lip sync assassin” Tayce has had her Insta followers increase by 584 per cent. At the start of the series she had 66,266, and is now on 452,959.

4. Veronica Green

Insta handle: @veronicaqween

Percentage growth: 788 per cent

via Instagram

Veronica Green couldn’t come back when the series resumed filming after lockdown, as she tested positive for coronavirus – but she’s reportedly returning for season three of Drag Race UK! Before season two started she had 15,807 followers, and now has 140,374. That’s a growth of 788 per cent.

3. Tia Kofi

Insta handle: @tiakofi

Percentage growth: 1,106 per cent

via Instagram

Tia Kofi comes third on this list, with a huge Insta follower growth of 1,106 per cent. Before this season she had 17,226 followers, and now has 207,696.

2. Lawrence Chaney

Insta handle: @lawrencechaney

Percentage growth: 1,139 per cent

via Instagram

Lawrence Chaney may have won Drag Race UK season two but only comes second on this list. Lawrence’s Insta followers grew by 1,139 per cent across the series, going from 26,665 to 330,512.

1. Bimini

Insta handle: @biminibabes

Percentage growth: 1,211 per cent

via Instagram

In first place is our Lord and Saviour, Bimini Bon Boulash, who’s Insta following has grown a whopping 1,211 per cent. At the start of Ru Pauls’ Drag Race season two, Bimini had 41,354, but this has grown to over half a million – 542,249 followers, to be exact. As well as growing by the most, Bimini also has the largest Insta following of all the UK season two queens.

Data from OnBuy.com. All follower counts correct at the time of writing.

Featured image via Instagram @itstayce @biminibabes @awhora

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