Meet Meghan Markle’s closest friends: A novelist, a designer and an ex reality star

Serena Williams is practically on speed dial

Since Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah aired a lot of people have been questioning the validity of the couple’s statements, most notably how Meghan had never Googled Harry before she met him. However Meghan did say she and her friends did discuss what they thought royal life would be like, so who are these friends of Meghan Markle?

Meghan has a number of great friends and her close relationships with a number of rich and famous people has been well publicised with friends including Oprah and the Clooneys who were in attendance at her wedding to Harry. However it’s not just A-Listers Meghan is mates with.

Her closest friends appear to include a friend from college, actresses she’s known for nearly 20 years and a pilates instructor.

These are the best friends of Meghan Markle and everything you need to know about them:

Lindsay Roth


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Lindsay and Meghan have been friends since they met at North Western in a literature class. Lindsay is an author, TV producer and actress.

She has two children of her own and is married and Meghan was even the maid of honour at her wedding. Lindsay recently spoke out on Instagram about Meghan’s kindness.

Sharing two pictures of herself and Meghan she described how funny, kind and smart Meghan is.


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She said: “Meg’s M.O. has always been kindness; goodwill runs in her bones. I know this to be true after 22 years of very close friendship. I have seen firsthand how she treats her friends and their families, and her colleagues. ⁣

“If she’s driving with you in the passenger seat, she will fling her right arm in front of you at the slightest bump in a gesture of love to ensure your safety. If you have a specific goal, she will help you get there, and your passions will become hers on your behalf. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Meg – and I hope more of you do – you will see the altruistic, magnanimous friend who I am so lucky to have in my corner. ⁣

“She’s funny. Like, laugh out loud funny. And smart. She’s more than just a cover story. ⁣ She was this woman when we were students together at Northwestern University; she was this woman in Los Angeles when her days were spent auditioning; she was this woman living in Toronto as Rachel Zane on Suits; she was this woman before you knew she was dating Harry; she was this woman after you knew was dating Harry; she was this woman when she became Duchess of Sussex and she is still – without a doubt – this very same woman today.”

Jessica Mulroney

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Jessica Mulroney is a fashion stylist and first met Meghan when she moved to Canada to film Suits. Jessica has worked with the Canadian first lady and has her own charity organisation designed to give back to homeless women.

Jessica is married to Ben Mulroney, who is the son of one of Canada’s ex prime ministers. The two have three children together, who were all in Meghan’s wedding.

It’s been reported Harry and Meghan hid out at Jessica’s house when they first started dating and Jessica accompanied Meghan to the Invictus Games.


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Jessica recently posted a picture of herself with Meghan to share her support and praised how Meghan has handled the attention.

She wrote: “I don’t know that anyone has ever had to deal with the pressure, the politics and the press like this woman. In the face of it all, I have never seen her waver from kindness, empathy and love.”

Heather Dorak

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Heather Dorak is one of Meghan’s oldest friends as the two met in 2005. Heather is a pilates instructor and owns her a number of studios in California and Texas.

She would regularly contribute to Meghan’s lifestyle website The Tig before it was shut down. Heather got married in 2017 to the founder of the Grand app, Matt Cohen, and they have two children together.

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Heather has been with Meghan for a lot of key moments in her life – she attended her UN Women’s speech in 2015, was a guest at the wedding and was seen picking her and Harry up from the airport in Canada when they first left the UK.

She has also shared messages of support for Meghan on her private Instagram account.

Daniel Martin

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Daniel is a celebrity makeup artist who has created looks for Gemma Chan, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo. And of course he did Meghan’s make up for her wedding to Harry.

Daniel contributed to Meghan’s website The Tig and is said to have attended her bridal shower. He also posted that picture of his avocado toast with Meghan.


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Before the interview with Oprah was shown Daniel shared a poem for Meghan and a picture of him doing her makeup.

Markus Anderson


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Markus is a consultant for Soho House and spends a lot of time deciding who is suitable to be allowed into the members clubs around the world.

He was born in Canada and is reportedly mates with Alexa Chung and Jamie Dornan. Markus is said to be responsible for setting Harry and Meghan up, inviting them both to a private meeting room in Soho House.

Misha Nonoo


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Misha is a fashion designer who is friends with the founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Until recently she was married to Alexander Gilkes who is friends with William and Harry. Misha is reportedly behind the matchmaking of Harry and Meghan but has never confirmed this. In her marriage to Gilkes she attended William and Kate’s wedding and at her own wedding Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice attended.


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Misha and Meghan have been friends for a number of years having met at a dinner in Miami. Misha dressed Meghan whilst she was promoting Suits and shared a sweet quote by Meghan on her Instagram this week.

Millie Mackintosh

meghan markle friends

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Yes really, ex Made in Chelsea cast member Millie Mackintosh was once friends with Meghan. The two are said to have met when Meghan first started dating Harry and Meghan shared a picture of them together cycling at Soho Farmhouse on her Instagram.

meghan markle friends millie mackintosh

However it appears their friendship has come to an end, with Harry reportedly telling Meghan not to invite Millie to the wedding because he thought she was a “blabbermouth”.

Serena Williams


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One of Meghan’s most documented friendships has been her relationship with Serena Williams. The two first met in 2014 at a charity football game.

Meghan wrote about how much she loved Serena on her blog The Tig, and said they would often go to lunch together.


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Serena has shown her support multiple times for Meghan when she shut down a question about her from a reporter and most recently posted a message about the mistreatment Meghan has suffered from the press on Instagram.

Janina Gavankar


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Janina is an actress who has appeared in The Morning Show, True Blood and a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Janina and Meghan have been friends for 17 years.

Meghan’s website even inspired Janina to start her own site called Alt Found. Janina recently spoke out about Meghan saying how kind she is and claimed she is not a bully.


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Janina is the person who took Harry and Meghan’s Christmas card with Archie.

Abigail Spencer


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Abigail is an actress who has appeared in Mad Men, Suits and Oz The Great and Powerful amongst other credits. She lives in LA and has a very cool Instagram feed.

Abigail has known Meghan for 14 years and posted a very lengthy tribute to Meghan yesterday on her Instagram describing a number of moments in her friendship with Meghan.


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The two appear incredibly close and even share a birthday. Abigail was spotted hiking with Meghan in Canada when Harry and Meghan went on their six week break away from the Palace.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has been friends with Meghan for a number of years, it’s just a shame she didn’t bring Nick Jonas to the wedding, can you imagine how iconic that would have been?

Meghan and Priyanka went to see the musical Hamilton together in 2016 and Priyanka has often defended Meghan in interviews, particularly about the focus the media makes on her relationships rather than all the work Meghan does.

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