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These 35 tweets prove UK Hun? is the best thing to ever come out of British TV


This week has without a doubt been the best of my entire life. Why, you might ask? Well, Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK gave us the gift of UK Hun?, and not a single person in Britain has stopped singing it since. I’ve been bing bang bong-ing in the car, sing sang song-ing in the shower, and ding dang dong-ing whilst walking around big Sains. I am not being dramatic when I say this song has truly changed my life, and it is the best thing British TV has ever created. I’m not patriotic, but I vow I will kneel before the kingdom of The United Kingdolls and UK Hun? until my dying day.

As soon as lockdown ends I’m going to get “Release the beast BIMINI” tattooed on me forever, and please slide into my DMs if you want to get a matching one saying “I like it rough but my lentils tender” or “T-A-Y-C-E”. If any of The United Kingdolls are reading this and also wanna be involved, hit me up.

Now it’s time to take a look at these UK Hun tweets and memes, which prove “bing bang bong sing sang song ding dang dong” is the best thing Drag Race – or any British TV show, for that matter – has ever given us.

Get your bing bang bong at the ready and then read these 35 UK Hun tweets and memes:

1. The BBBB (Before Bing Bang Bong) days were dark, dark days

2. Brb starting a petition for The United Kingdolls to collab with this girl

3. The remix we all desperately need

4. I would pay an embarrassing amount of money to be in this Australian club rn

5. The most iconic thing to ever come out of Strictly

6. It’s been stuck in my head for seven days straight but I’m not even mad about it

7. Tracy Beaker knows what’s up

8. If anything would resurrect me, it’s UK Hun?

9. If I had to guess, I’d say roughly seven million

10. It’s going around and around and around and around

11. Bing bang bong deserves its own national holiday


13. I love one person and their name is Bimini

14. This will be the only year my Spotify Wrapped isn’t an embarrassment

15. The only Tinder opener I will be responding to from now on x

16. I like it rough but my lentils TENDER

17. Please give us a two-hour feature film on UK Hun? I am quite literally begging you

18. I haven’t slept in a week because of this song

19. The emojis convey all their accents perfectly and I’m here for it

20. Have I been able to concentrate on absolutely any work all week? No x

21. B I M I N I

22. Same luv

23. All I want in life is to listen to UK Hun? in a club all night and then be not k hun at afters

24. I am so here for this analysis

25. Our work here is done

26. One word: Yes

27. Lockdown’s really taking its toll


29. The fifth member of The United Kingdolls

30. I told you: Life changing

31. Can’t wait for this year’s Eurovision!

32. A movement

33. I couldn’t agree more <3

34. Honestly? Same

35. This song is going to be with us forever

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