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Quiz: Which of the Covey sisters are you really?

Kinda want to be all of them

The To All The Boys trilogy is all about the love between Lara Jean and Peter, but it’s also about the love between the three Covey sisters. Their close bond is reflective of proper sister relationships and now it’s time to find out which of the Covey sisters you are with our quiz.

The three girls are all very similar, they love to bake and wear cute pastel outfits. However there are some key differences in their personalities. Kitty is the loud confident one, whereas Lara Jean is more reserved and shy. Margot is organised and always has a pristine room but in Lara Jean’s room you can hardly see the floor.

The differences between the sisters means we are all similar to one of them. If you’d rather spend a Friday night with your partner then you’re like Lara Jean, but if you’d rather be at the pub with your mates then you’re Margot.

By answering 10 questions such as what was your favourite subject at school and your all time classic rom com you’ll be able to find out which Covey sister you are.

Take our Covey sisters quiz to find out which girl you are:

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