Fake heiress Anna Delvey is creating her own documentary ahead of Netflix drama series

‘Inventing Anna’ on Netflix is expected very soon, after she was released from prison last week

Fake heiress Anna Delvey has announced she is working on her own TV projects, ahead of the release of Netflix drama “Inventing Anna” – which is all about her story.

Anna, real name Anna Sorokin, was released from prison last week, after she was found guilty in 2019 of scamming New York’s social elite out of thousands of dollars by posing as a rich heiress. Her story has been turned into a drama by Netflix, with Ozark star Julia Garner playing her, and is expected to be released very soon.

However, since being released from prison, Anna has confirmed she is working with a film crew to show her story in real life, and from her own perspective. She’s working on “Anna Delvey TV” and told Insider: “I’m just kind of filming everything I’m doing right now and I’m going to see what to do with it later. I just got out of prison, like two days ago. So it’s me like getting all this stuff from Sephora, me opening a bank account as soon as I get permission from my parole officer. I’m going to see my parole officer Tuesday for the first time. Things like that. It’s a way to control what I want to tell.”

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She’s posted photos of her with film crews back in New York on her social media profiles, one captioned: “Doing my own thing. Anna Delvey TV coming soon.” She’s also replied by mentioning the film crew when asked if she would film live responses to the Netflix series about her.

In 2013, Anna took the name Delvey and told people she was a wealthy German heiress sitting on a €60 million (£52m) fortune. She became friends with celebrities and the rich and famous and managed to stay at the most luxury hotels on the scene – all without actually having the money she said she did.

In 2007 she was arrested, and it is thought the amount she scammed friends and New York businesses out of is around $275,000 (£220,000). The Netflix series Inventing Anna is being created by Shonda Rimes, who is the creator of Bridgerton, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy.

The release date of Inventing Anna has not yet been announced. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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