Where are the cast of Bling Empire now? Here’s everything we know

Kelly and Andrew are unfortunately back together

Bling Empire, Netflix’s latest series, filled our souls with expensive drama, rich heirs and heiresses living lavish lifestyles in LA with endless Dior wardrobes and having fights over diamond necklaces. But now since they filmed the show, what have the Bling Empire cast been up to?

After indulging eight hours of glamour, parties, and fortune, you’re defo left wondering what they’re all up to now – is there a secret romance between Kevin and Kim? When is Cherie’s wedding? And, most importantly, what happened to Anna’s penis pump? Luckily the cast spoke to Netflix about everything they’ve been doing, and we have all your answers covered.

Here’s the latest on what the Bling Empire cast members are up to now, since filming the show:

Anna’s confused by all the memes about her

Where are the cast of Bling Empire now

Starting off with the queen and icon of the show worth $600 million, the daughter of a billionaire father who made his fortune by selling weapons. It’s essentially Anna’s World and we are all living in it!

Speaking to Netflix, Anna says she has no idea what the memes flooding Twitter about her are all about. Plus her rivalry with Christine Chiu after necklace-gate continues – Anna says they barely speak to each other. Fair enough. 

Christine’s been approached by loads of potential surrogates

Where are the cast of Bling Empire now

Christine Chiu, Anna’s fearless rival and Taiwanese heiress, knew how to get on Anna’s nerves each time. 

Christine now regrets how she was portrayed on the show, saying she’s hoping to be given more of an opportunity in a possible next season to showcase her personality. Since filming, she and her husband Dr Chiu say they’ve received thousands of applications from surrogates from all over the world. On the show, she was determined for Baby G to be the only child, after mentioning complications she had with conceiving.

Kelly and Andrew are unfortunately back together

Where are the cast of Bling Empire now

We saw the huge arguments, their therapy sessions, and the break-ups. Andrew was accused of being abusive towards Kelly after *that* Paris scene, as well as gas-lighting and love-bombing her. But what is this couple up to now?

After filming they went on a five-month break, but say they’re now back together, stronger and happier. Kelly says she didn’t know what gaslighting meant but says she sees where the audience were coming from with their reaction to the relationship, and Andrew says he’s “grown a lot” and is learning more about himself. Kelly said: “Whatever happens happens and I’m just living in the present.”

And Kevin and Kim are ‘like a married couple’ 👀

Where are the cast of Bling Empire now

Kevin was Bling Empire’s more relatable cast member and self-proclaimed worst dressed on the show. After his failed attempts with Kelly, there was some flirting during the final episodes with Kim Lee, the ultra-wealthy DJ.

Now, their fellow cast members say Kevin and Kim are “constantly fighting like a married couple”.

Kevin moved into a new home, a 500-square-foot place costing $1,700 a month. Not as impressive as his friends’ palaces but Kevin says it still feels like “a mansion” to him. Kim finally admits it was wrong to throw Anna’s penis pump out of the window, but says it was a harmless joke and meant no harm. 

Cherie’s planning her wedding

Where are the cast of Bling Empire now

Cherie was the season’s favourite, the embodiment of women’s empowerment. She certainly did not waste time in proposing to her millionaire boyfriend, Jessey Lee. And we all cried in episode six during the tribute paid to her mum, Cindy Tran. 

The power couple Cherie and Jessey, reportedly worth $200 million, are now hoping to celebrate their wedding in Big Rich Style. A Zoom or small wedding is, of course, not an option. 

Jamie’s been modelling 

In the show, Jamie is the ultimate fashion icon who stays out of drama and understandably has no idea what a penis pump is. 

Since Bling Empire she’s appeared on Elle Singapore, Vogue HongKong, and Vogue Thailand, living the influencer life she always dreamt of. Her only regret when appearing on the show was not having access to her full closet, she says. 

Kane is still living his best life

The 31-year-old heir to a Singaporean billionaire father, Kane is known for being a good friend and a peacemaker on the show.  

Now, he continues to live lavishly in Los Angeles and one of his properties is now up for sale according to his latest Instagram post.

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