which it's a sin character are you quiz

Which It’s A Sin character are you? Take this quiz to find out

Either way you’ll be living in the Pink Palace so you win

It’s A Sin is a beautiful, tragic masterpiece of a series about five young people coming of age and navigating their 20s, all amidst the 1980s AIDS epidemic. This was sadly a very real crisis: Over 32 million people have lost their lives due to AIDS-related illnesses since, and It’s A Sin is such an important story to tell. But as well as teaching us far more about LGBTQ+ history than school ever did, It’s A Sin is fundamentally a show about five friends who all love and support one another unconditionally – so of course, you want a quiz to know which character you are most like.

which it's a sin character are you, quiz

Ritchie, Roscoe, Ash, Colin and Jill are all great, super likeable characters that more than anything just feel like real people, so the whole world has of course fallen in love with them. I for one want to be best mates with all of them, and am a firm believer that every friendship group needs someone who represents each and every It’s A Sin character. On an unrelated note, does anyone want to move into the Pink Palace with me?

Take this quiz to see which It’s A Sin character you truly are. Are you the life and soul of the party like Ritchie, or cool calm and collected like Ash? Jill is the true ally and loyal friend we all need in our lives, whilst Roscoe is ambitious and fearless. And then there’s sweet baby Colin, who I love with every fibre of my being.

Take this quiz to find out which It’s A Sin character you are:

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