tiktok eye bags

Why is everyone suddenly giving themselves eye bags on TikTok to look tired?

‘My insecurity is now a trend’

TikTok is forever known for creating a new trend every day and now users are faking eye bags using dark foundation or concealer and one main question is WHY? Why is this now a trend? 

For those unfamiliar with this, essentially it’s now cool to fake under-eye bags with makeup. People have spent years trying to cover this discolouration and “heavy eye” using tea bags, eye fillers, and tons of makeup as they are seen as unattractive. But TikTok is changing this narrative into a trend to show them off and embrace our natural “tired eye.”  

What is the TikTok eye bag challenge and where did it come from?

The trend was started by Sara Carstens (@sarathefreeelf) last December and since then has gone viral with over 7.2 million views and 1.2 million likes. From this, another TikTok star known as Abby Roberts (@abbyroberts) made a follow-up video calling the trend ‘hot’.

Although this trend isn’t as offensive as the latest Fox Eye makeup trend, not everyone is on board. One user said: “I did not spend 18 years trying to cover these up to become trendy.” Another one added: “Damn I just got under-eye fillers to get rid of mine.” 

Speaking to the Independent, Carstens said: “I myself know what it’s like to be bullied for insecurities, such as for my ‘big sticking-out ears’ – but just like my dark circles, I’ve decided to show everyone how beautiful they can be.”

tiktok eye bags

So how do you fake the viral TikTok eye bags?

Using makeup, either with a dark foundation or concealer, draw a straight line underneath the eye, then smooth this line out to create a more natural look. And that’s really it! 

Here are a few examples of the TikTok eye bags:

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