Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how much money you’d be worth on Bling Empire

Realistically they’re all stinking rich so I’ll be happy with any result

It goes without saying, the cast of Bling Empire are rich. Like, rich rich. Anna’s worth a reported $600 million (yes, you read that right), and even the group’s “everyman” commoner Kevin has a reported net worth of a cool $10 mil. Not too shabby really, is it?

I know you have £3.57 currently sitting in your bank account and are trying to manifest another round of student loan dropping soon, but let’s suspend reality for a second – how much would you be worth if you were on Bling Empire? Take this quiz and imagine you’re living the dream in LA – where do you shop, what parties do you throw, what’s your job? You need to immerse yourself in Bling Empire, answer all the questions honestly (I’ll be very upset if you lied), and at the end of the quiz you’ll know once and for all what your Bling Empire net worth would be. Simples.

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