The cast of Bling Empire have spoken about Andrew’s behaviour towards Kelly

‘You should never speak to anyone like that. I was shook.’

One of the biggest talking points of Bling Empire on Netflix is Andrew and Kelly’s relationship. We see them have huge arguments, go to couple’s therapy and go on a break. He was accused of being abusive towards Kelly, gaslighting her and love-bombing her.

*Contains some spoilers*

Bling Empire, Netflix, cast, respond, where are they now, Andrew, Kelly, relationship

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Now, the show’s cast have had their say on the situation, after watching the show back themselves. In a video uploaded by Netflix, Andrew opens by saying: “Let’s be honest. Let’s get the elephant out of the room.” Kelly then goes on to say that the relationship which has changed the most since filming the show has been hers and Andrew’s.

Guy Tang adds: “With the Kelly and Andrew situation that’s another story which really surprised me. You should never talk to a woman, or anybody, you should never talk to anybody like that, you know, I was really shook.” Whilst Cherie says: “After watching the show, I didn’t know he was like that.” Anna adds: “What I heard in Paris, unbelievable.”

Bling Empire, Netflix, cast, respond, where are they now, Andrew, Kelly, relationship

via Netflix

Kelly says that she didn’t know what gaslighting meant before episodes of the show went live, so she actually looked it up to see what people meant. She says that she sees where the audience were coming from by seeing Andrew on Bling Empire as behaving like that towards her. “They saw a period, a really dark period of our relationship. And with Andrew’s behaviour, I don’t excuse it at all and I think it’s 100 per cent wrong,” she says.

Kelly continues: “After filming we took a good I would say five or six month break where we just focused on ourselves.” Andrew then says he has “grown a lot”. The couple say they went to therapy to learn about themselves and resolve their personal issues.

Kelly says they are “back in communication and back seeing each other” and Andrew says they are together and “stronger and happier than ever”. Kevin adds: “People change. And people forget that he will change too. And he will become better and he will and he will learn from all this stuff and people aren’t always like that.”

Kelly concludes by saying: “For mine and Andrew’s relationship, if it’s engagement, if it’s moving back together in the same household, if it’s having a baby, everyone’s life is different. Whatever happens happens and I’m just living in the present.”

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