Netflix’s new dating show is basically a mix of Love Is Blind and Masked Singer

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If you thought Love Is Blind was the tip of the iceberg for how wild Netflix could get with its dating shows then think again, because Netflix is now launching a remake of the old BBC Three show “Sexy Beasts”.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s a bit like Love Is Blind meets Masked Singer, as the aim is to focus on the personality of the person you are on a date with and not their looks – as they’re in a huge mask. Those who take part in the show will go on dates disguised in Hollywood-grade prosthetics, a bit like those used on Masked Singer.

Netflix, BBC, reality, dating, show, series, Sexy Beasts, Masked Singer, Love Is Blind

After going on a string of dates, the singles get to chose who they liked the most and reveal their faces. According to Deadline, Sexy Beasts has already been filmed by Netflix and around 50 people from the UK and US took part. It will be a 12-part series. It’s also been reported that the dating show is one of at least three new UK-produced reality and entertainment series ordered by Netflix.

Netflix, BBC, reality, dating, show, series, Sexy Beasts, Masked Singer, Love Is Blind

The BBC version of the show ran on BBC Three for one season back in 2014. Awkwardly, the BBC series had the masked singletons do their dates pretty publicly, with onlookers in bars and restaurants probably wondering why someone dressed up like a beast or a pig was enjoying some cocktails next to them. There’s no trailer for the Netflix version just yet, but here’s a look at the old series to give you a bit of an idea:

A release date for the Netflix remake of Sexy Beasts is yet to be confirmed. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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