Meet The Tab team

The Tab is a site covering youth culture, run by journalists who like being first

Our London head office is staffed with professional journalists, who train student reporters and publish national stories covering news, pop culture, TV, celebs and many more. For our top student journalists at your university, head to your university Tab site. Meet our staff:

Grace Vielma – Editor-in-Chief

Grace cut her teeth as a student journo, launching The Manchester Tab in 2013. She was hired by the founders as one of the first three Tab employees after graduating. Since then she’s overseen The Tab’s explosion from a handful of university sites into a loud youth media brand.

Lucy Woodham – Editor

Lucy Woodham joined The Tab in September 2016 after graduating from Cardiff University, where she was editor of The Cardiff Tab. She enjoys writing about issues relating to women, such as the highs and lows of taking the pill, as well as tragic first dates, terrible Tinder profiles and trash TV. Her favourite time of the year is Love Island season.

Greg Barradale – News Editor

Greg has a particular interest in stories about mental health and students being screwed over, and was the first journalist to track down the four meme lads in tight trousers. Send him stories to [email protected]

Hayley Soen – Senior Writer

Hayley is a journalism graduate from Bournemouth University. Obsessed with all things Netflix and celebrity culture, when not in front of the TV watching true crime, Hayley writes about the latest trends and what people are talking about and desperately Googling every single day.

Bean Urquhart – Social Editor

Bean’s many talents include driving millions of people to The Tab via our social channels and making memes and vids. She also works one-on-one with student journalists and edits their stories. Bean also writes daily on topics ranging from news, opinion, trash TV and, most importantly, things like: the eight types of vaginas that exist in the female species.

Maddy Mussen – Assistant Editor

Maddy manages thirteen university Tab teams alongside writing national news and features on a daily basis. She covers the often overlooked issues facing students today, as well as social trends and current affairs. Maddy and her teams have written stories that have come to be featured in The Times, MailOnline, Metro and the BBC. On top of her interests in UK universities, she’s very passionate about Clueless and The Scooby-Doo Movie (the first one).

Lydia Venn – Staff Writer

Lydia Venn started her career in fashion journalism before joining The Tab in 2019. Since then she has covered a wide variety of topics. From working on features about mental health to explaining TikTok trends to rinsing poshos. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of 00s teen girl movies and the Kardashians, and she has no problem sharing her dating life in the name of journalism. Outside work she is often found with a book in hand and in search of the perfect espresso martini.

Harry Ainsworth – Staff Writer

Harry Ainsworth covers a broad range of content as Staff Writer, but his speciality lies within trends and drama across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. From dipping his appendage in soy sauce to drinking vodka through a water filter to giving up his phone for a month, no single topic is off the cards in the name of enjoyable content. With a passion for online video, most of his time outside of work is spent watching and making stupid videos for his mates.

Izzy Schifano – Assistant Editor

Izzy Schifano was first involved with The Tab as part of The Soton Tab, and then joined the team as an Assistant Editor after graduating in 2020. As well as looking after her teams of students across the UK, she covers university news including mental health and student protests. She also works on a broad range of content across popular culture, from TikTok trends to nostalgic films and absolutely anything to do with Harry Styles.