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Now TikTok is turning Bridgerton into a musical, and it actually slaps

Burn For You just hits different

Since Christmas, you haven’t gone a day without watching or talking about Netflix’s latest period drama Bridgerton. Whether you’ve been simping hard for the Duke of Hastings or promenading on your daily walk, one user on TikTok has begun creating Bridgerton the Musical and it is nothing short of fantastic.

Abigail Barlow posted a series of videos to TikTok a couple of weeks ago, posing the question “What if Bridgerton was a musical?”. Her first snippet was Daphne’s Song, which mirrors the last ball of the series, hosted by Daphne and the Duke of Hastings right before it rains. Rightly so, people are going nuts for the Bridgerton musical, duetting Abigail’s videos and making concept Playbill covers for the show.

bridgerton tiktok musical

Abigail and her writing partner Emily Bear, have so far written the songs Oceans Away, If I Were a Man, Daphne’s Song, Burn for You, and another titled Penelope Featherington. According to their social media, they are both together producing more music.

Phoebe Dynevor, Nichola Coughlan, and Julia Quinn have expressed their appreciation for what Barlow has created and applauded her work. Netflix has even tweeted their “standing ovation” for a duet that has gone viral on TikTok.

Taylor Hudson, a 30-year-old from Arizona, duetted Burn for You with Abigail and it has since gotten 1.3 million views.

He told The Tab: “I absolutely love the music. I’ve always enjoyed Abigail’s writing, but I’m a theatre kid at heart so this hits different. I think she’s written some beautiful music for this concept, and I’m so excited to see where it goes from here.”

Taylor believes something could happen from these TikToks: “The Ratatouille musical was unexpected and out of the left field and something that people really enjoyed, and I think that this work that Abigail is doing could be even bigger.

“The response to the duet has been insane! I thought I was just going to post a fun little duet and get a few hundred views as normal and that would be that. Well 1.3 million views and 30k followers later, I guess I was wrong.”

Taylor “absolutely would” audition for the Bridgerton Musical if it became a reality. He told The Tab: “I would sing the bass ensemble part if Abigail wanted me to.”

Abigail, who posted the original Bridgerton musical TikTok video, told ET Live: “I was gobsmacked because I had just watched them on TV and now they know who I am and are supportive of what I am doing and I couldn’t ask for a better response.”

“Well they [Netflix] got in touch with me, they wanted to shoot us an email. We’ll see, I don’t really know if that’s going to go anywhere, but we’re just writing a lot right now,” she said.

When asked if she is writing a full “start to finish Bridgerton musical”, Abigail said: “Hopefully, that’s the plan. We want to completely finish the score.

“Maybe if it’s not on the screen, maybe Broadway is the goal one day.”

Here are some of the songs Abigail has posted on TikTok:

The original post, where Abigail sings Daphne’s song has gotten over 800,000 views and 300k likes. You can watch it here:

This song is called Penelope Featherington, where the youngest Featherington sister sings about what it’s like never being chosen:

This song is titled If I Were a Man, where Eloise sings what it would be like to do the things she has always dreamt of:

What are people on TikTok doing for the Bridgerton Musical?

#Bridgertonmusical on TikTok has accumulated 24.8 million views, with people auditioning for the roles of the Duke of Hastings, Eloise Bridgerton, creating Playbills as if it were a theatre production on Broadway, and people have even choreographed dances to the songs that have been released so far.

This is a duet with TikTok user Joshua Colley and Abigail, singing the duet Burn For You – intended for Daphne and Simon:

Here’s a choreographed song to the song Burn For You:

This TikTok user is singing Daphne’s verse in the song Oceans Away:

And these dancers choreographed a song to Eloise’s If I Were a Man:

Here is another TikTok user submitting her part for the role of Eloise, singing If I Were a Man:

And finally, here’s a concept for the Bridgerton musical Playbill:

TikTok is not shy of producing its own musicals, as seen with Ratatouille the Musical that went onto star the likes of Tituss Burgess and Kevin Chamberlin, and the online event went on to raise $2,000,000 for The Actors Fund. The Bridgerton musical is making waves across TikTok, and maybe one day we could be sat watching the show come to life.

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