sex and the city men quiz

Quiz: Which of the guys from Sex and The City would you end up with?

If it’s not Smith Jerrod, then I’m not interested

The news which has singlehandedly saved 2021 is Sex and The City announcing it would be coming back for 10 episodes. Though it won’t include Kim Cattrall, here’s hoping some of our favourite leading men return to the show.

Even though the show is all about the women, and the guys are just people to have fun with, I still want to know which one I’d end up with and so we’ve made a quiz to find just that.

The six season show saw a LOT of men pass through the bedrooms of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. However the ones that stick in everyone’s minds are Aidan, Steve, Harry, Smith, Alexander Petrovsky and of course Mr. Big.

But who would you end up with? There have been endless discussions over who is the best boyfriend, Mr.Big or Aidan? It seems we’ll never get the answer to the question. However you can find out which one you’d be best suited to a relationship with by taking our Sex and The City men quiz.

By answering 11 questions about your favourite drink, turn ons and what you like to do on dates, you’ll find out which of the Sex and The City men you’d end up with.

Take our Sex and The City men quiz to find out who you’re meant to be with:

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