People are freaking out over controversial Netflix film about deformities called Skins

Yes, there is a woman with a bum hole as a mouth

People are losing their minds after discovering a Netflix film called “Skins”, which is advertised with the picture of a woman with a bum hole as a mouth – and yes, it is actually real.

A meme has gone viral which reads: “There’s a movie on Netflix called Skins and this lady has a butthole for a mouth and a mouth for a butthole. Should we watch?” The post has had over 49k shares and nearly 100k comments, and surprisingly, people can’t quite believe the film exists.

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Some of the comments include: “What sort of actor/actress reads that script and says yeah, I fancy doing that, next step Hollywood”, “I don’t know what to say”, “some ideas shouldn’t come out” and “I already watched this and now I can’t sleep”.

However others are defending the messages behind the film, adding: “The movie has a deep meaning and it reflects in real society right now.” The Spanish film is said to have a message of acceptance, as the characters have been shunned by society over their disfigurements.

The Netflix synopsis for the 2017 film Skins reads: “Deformed, disfigured characters must find a way to deal with society shunning their differences in this darkly comic social drama.” The film is listed as “controversial”.

Skins, Netflix, film, movie, Spanish, real, viral, plot, watch, about

via Netflix

One of the characters, Samantha, suffers an inverted digestive system where her mouth and anus have been switched around. Other characters include Laura, who has no eyes and becomes a prostitute, Guille, who has suffered burns to his body, and Ana, who has a large tumour on her face.

People on Twitter have also only just discovered the film, and are equally as shook. They describe it as “disturbing”, “sick in the head” and even call to have it removed over how shocking it is.

Yes, the Skins film is actually available on Netflix now – if you want to watch it for some reason. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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