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Okay, so what is Joe Wicks’ actual net worth?

Turns out squatting for a living gets you serious dollar

Lockdown 3.0 was announced last night and we all know what that means – Joe Wicks is back people. The nation’s PE teacher will start doing his PE workouts for children again starting from next week. His daily workouts during the pandemic catapulted him to national fame, and probably increased his bank balance quite a bit, but what exactly is the net worth of Joe Wicks?

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, began his career with hiit workouts and sharing “lean in 15 meals” on Instagram. Since then he’s sold cookbooks, workout plans and recently launched an app. The app was said to bring in £9million for Joe in just one week.

All these different projects means Joe Wicks has an estimated net worth of £14.5million. Maybe I need to start doing some lunges on the gram?

via Instagram @thebodycoach

But Joe is all about giving back to charity. During the first lockdown after the majorly successful PE with Joe, he donated the entire advertising revenue of £500k to NHS charities.

And then in November he raised over £1million for Children in Need when he completed a 24 hours exercise challenge.

via Instagram @thebodycoach

Joe isn’t the only fitness influencer to be raking it in. Kayla Itsines is famous for her at home workouts on Instagram and has a reported net worth of £355million.

Alice Liveing has a reported net worth of £3.5million and Sommer Ray, an American fitness influencer, has a net worth close to £6million.

And it’s not just fitness influencers making money from working out, but celebs who have embraced exercise as part of their brand are also doing very well money wise.

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TOWIE’s Mark Wright shared free fitness videos during lockdown and now has a training app, raising his net worth to an estimated £9.1million.

Lucy Meck, Binky Felstead and Davina McCall have all reportedly made millions from fitness plans. I really do need to start working out.

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