QUIZ: If you dislike over half of these foods you’re officially a picky eater

Mushrooms are the devil’s work

You’ve probably seen those memes going around about different food choices that divide people down the middle. Perhaps it’s pineapple on pizza, maybe it’s mushrooms in a marinara – either way, the photo of the meal is accompanied by a paper plate upturned in the bin. However, regardless of whether your pickiness has driven you to the point of insanity (which is separating tiny pieces of onion from your meal btw), it’s just a fact that some people are pickier than others.

Which is why we’re here today. Below are 15 foods, and all you must to do is answer whether you’d either tuck right in or throw it in the bin, never to be consumed again. At the end, you’ll get a highly scientific percentage of exactly how picky you are.

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