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Quiz: Finish the lyrics of these Little Mix bangers to prove you’re their number one fan

If you get 12/12 it must be Black Magic

Little Mix is one of the best girl groups in the world, no doubt. They have blessed us with their presence ever since their X Factor auditions in 2011. They have even released a new album, Confetti last month which did not disappoint (it is Little Mix, after all). The Little Mix girls’ vocals are powerful, their fashion is to die for, and the music videos are absolutely iconic but most importantly – the song lyrics are all so catchy.

Sadly, Jesy Nelson has officially announced that she is leaving the group and we could not be more heartbroken. Although Little Mix has still confirmed that they will continue to make music, they will never be the same and just watching some of their old music videos teared me up a bit, to be honest. But how well do you remember their songs? Put your knowledge of all the Little Mix songs and their lyrics to the test with this quiz.

Take this lyrics quiz to find out how much of a Little Mix fan you really are:

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