elf trivia quiz

Only a cotton-headed ninnymuggins will score less than 13/15 in this Elf trivia quiz

Good luck, buddy

Although you’d think that Elf is undisputedly the best Christmas film out there, it’s undeniable that Will Ferrel splits audiences directly down the middle. Some people like his immature hijinks and overacting, whilst he’s barely curled the lips of others – but one thing we can all agree on is that Elf is his best work by a long shot. Anchorman? Nah. Eurovision? Keep it. Step Brothers? I’m offended that people could possibly find it funny.

So, for the tasteful Elf superfans out there, we surely have a good quiz for you today. Below are 15 Elf trivia questions, and all you must do is answer at least 13 of them correctly, for fear of being referred to as a fake fan forevermore.

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