These are the celebrity chefs with the most expensive houses

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It’s not exactly a secret that being a chef is a very stressful career path to choose, but if it doesn’t pay off when you get to the high flyers club then I don’t know what does. Yeah, you’ve seen occasional glimpses of Nigella and Jamie’s kitchens when you watch their various shows, but you never get a full tour of their houses. Until now – as it turns out, celebrity chefs are so much more minted than you could ever have thought.

What’s the first thing most people do when they get a load of money? Buy a humongous house, and that’s clearly what this lot have done because they’re living in literal mansions – take a look.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is likely the most famous celebrity chef in the world, so it may come as no surprise that he’s also got an impressive property portfolio to match.

Tilly has taken various pictures, as well as TikTok videos, in and around their £4.4 million Cornish house during lockdown

From what we can find online, he has the above home in Cornwall, another in London and one in the states for when he works over there, although it has been reported that he has another two properties in Cornwall – bringing his property portfolio in the area to the value of £10 million.

The mansion is one of Gordon's three homes

Gordon’s house in the US was featured in an episode of his travel show with Gino and Fred

His LA home, which he bought in 2012, was purchased for £4.3 million and features a swimming pool, a gym and a ginormous kitchen. It’s nice to see that money doesn’t necessarily mean taste (yes, I’m jealous).

Nigella Lawson

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Next up is Nigella – we all love a bit of Nigella, don’t we? Her ridiculous way of phrasing the most mundane kitchen activities, her even more ridiculous pronunciation of microwave – she’s just brilliant.

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Nigella lives in London, where she owns a £5 million property in central. Of course we can see from her Instagram that it’s filled with all kinds of very Nigella appliances from old metal pans to, obviously, an Aga.

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If the interior doesn’t look nice enough, wait until you see the garden:

Credit Instagram @nigellalawson

Modest by most people’s standards, but this is London! The absolute privacy that the bamboo and vines around the top give the garden area just makes it look all the more inviting.

Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver is another heavyweight when it comes to celebrity cooking, and his house has got to be the most impressive of the lot. Purchased last year at a hefty £6 million, the place is a literal mansion. Seriously.

The mansion was featured in an episode of TOWIE

What does £6 million get you when you’re in the market for a property in Essex? Well, in this case, you get acres of land with an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and stables.


Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal is famous for making some of the more experimental dishes on British menus currently, and is actually the founder of triple cooked chips – which is a pretty impressive accolade all things considered.

Although it’s not clear where Heston currently lives, there’s plenty of detail to be found online regarding his old home, which was sold following his divorce.

Listed for £3.25 million, the property features a large open plan kitchen, big garage and six bedrooms. You can view the pictures here.

James Martin

It’s uncertain where James lives currently as he put his Hampshire home up for sale back in 2018, but he’s given us a few glimpses of his new one, including his swanky outdoor kitchen where he’s done filming for his programmes.


As if this didn’t already look like the ultimate setup for cooking during the summer with the pizza oven in the background, he’s also got a load of space in the garden for entertaining:


To take a further peak at the rest of the house, take a tour here.

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