tatler christmas gift guide

Tatler’s gift guide is here and the presents are as posh and ridiculous as you’d expect

Yes that is indeed a £900 taxidermy goose

The time is here, the Tatler Christmas gift guide has arrived. And if you’re struggling for what to get the posh Tories in your life, then fear not, because Tatler has a guide of completely unaffordable and pretentious gifts.

Forget socks, chocolate and shower gel, the upper classes will be expecting to open AirPod charms, upside down Gucci sunglasses and an Aston Martin, of course.

This Christmas will be difficult for many, but clearly not the readers of Tatler who can apparently afford to spend over £7,000 on a Ralph Lauren bar cart for their loved one.

Tatler’s Christmas gift guide was published in their December issue and features five pages of gifts ranging for presents for kids, women and men. If you want to feel posh by getting something from the gift guide then the cheapest gift available is a teacup and saucer, priced at a very reasonable £55.

These are the most ridiculous and posh items included in the Tatler Christmas gift guide:

Fendi x Chaos AirPods case, £490

via Fendi

You’re literally going to lose this in five minutes, but sure get a gold brick for Christmas

Louis Vuitton AirPods charms, £225

Sorry but you can get charms for your AirPods? You might as well just get normal headphones at this point because the charms look so long. And surely would just be incredibly annoying and even easier for people to steal out of your ear?

Smartech camera sunglasses, £330

Yes the future is really here, the poshos are getting sunglasses that take photos and videos for them this festive season. Very James Bond, and I kinda wouldn’t mind a pair.

Valkyrie Aston Martin, POA


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Imagine getting this for your dad’s present? You’d be the favourite child. This car is so expensive that they don’t tell you the price but if you use Google you will discover that this car is a casual $3million.

I’m sure he’ll his appreciate his socks tho.

Gucci Sunglasses, £470

via Gucci

No, I haven’t put these the wrong round. Tatler really wants you to buy your nearest and dearest upside down sunglasses.

Ginori 1735 ornament, £5,500

I think I speak for everyone here when I say ew no.

A Modern Grand Tour taxidermy goose, £900

But mummy, I already have three taxidermy geese, this year I was really hoping for an eagle.

Christian Lacroix ashtray, £90

via Amara

Makes the one you knicked from the pub look rather shabby in comparison.

Harry Winston opera glasses, POA

The theatres aren’t open but sure diamond opera glasses would go down a treat.

Courthouse Interiors giraffe chandelier, £399

I honestly can’t tell if this is the poshest or the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen? But does seem a decent present for the Tatler Christmas gift guide and would look great in your pres photos.

Favourbrook jacket, £690

via JulesB

Anyone else think this jacket looks like something a prince would wear in an OG Disney film?

Louis Vuitton solitaire set, £1,210

via Louis Vuitton

Over a grand for a game set? Is Tatler ok? Have they not heard of Monolopy?

Ralph Lauren bar trolley, £7,400

In the middle of a pandemic a £7k drinking trolley is really the only thing to get the poshos through the pain of not being able to go on their six holidays of the year.

Gilda & Pearl night dress, £380

This is exactly what I wear to bed in fairness.

Dior beret, £610

via Dior

Emily in Paris’ influence is everywhere.

Dolce & Gabbana doll, £645

Whilst the rest of us grew up with Baby Annabel and Barbie, the Tories of the world grow up with dolls worth over £600. But hey they all end up the same way – with a leg broken off and hair pulled out. No one else? Just me? Ok then….

Featured image credit before edits: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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