who pushed cassie tiny pretty things

Ok, so who actually pushed Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things?

I need answers, and I need them now

*Contains spoilers*

Netflix’s latest teen drama, Tiny Pretty Things, came out earlier this week and the two things on everyone’s mind are the raunchy scenes and just who the hell pushed Cassie?

The 10-part-series is about an elite ballet school that is shrouded in mystery and secrets. The show starts with one of the best ballet dancers, Cassie, being pushed off a building.

One of the main plots of the series is obviously figuring out who pushed her. Luckily Cassie doesn’t die after being pushed and is left in a coma. Once she wakes up from her coma is when things really start to get interesting as there are a lot of suspects to be questioned.

So who did push Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things?

Cassie was the best ballerina at the school and so getting rid of her would have helped any number of students.

However the main suspect was Bette, played by Casimere Jollette. Bette is constantly under her older sister’s shadow and faces pressure from her mother to be the best dancer possible.

Cassie claims it was Bette who pushed her off, and because Bette was too drunk to remember if she did it or not, she takes the fall.

But in the season finale it is revealed that it is actually Bette’s older sister, Delia, who pushed Cassie off the roof.

Why did Delia push Cassie?

Delia is the girlfriend of the teacher, Ramon, and discovers that Cassie has been sleeping with Ramon. Rather than pushing her cheating boyfriend, she accidentally pushes Cassie off the roof.

However rather than admitting it, she allows her younger sister to take the fall. Which makes things look very interesting for a season two.

Whilst Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second series of Tiny Pretty Things there is a second book in the series Tiny Pretty Things is based off. So no excuses Netflix, we need another season.

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