In honour of Jesy, here’s the ultimate ranking of which Little Mix song slaps the most

Little Me was the first song I cried alone to in my bedroom, good times

If you don’t know already then it’s with the heaviest heart that I tell you, Jesy Nelson officially left Little Mix yesterday. It’s been a lot to process and the news sent Twitter (and my own brain) into turmoil. Just like Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jade, and Jesy, I have also been reflecting on the last nine years. The best years of my life were fuelled by this sweet, iconic band and their music of truly timeless bops and bangers. Since their first cover of Cannonball to the recently released Confetti, it’s been the ride of a lifetime.

These girls mean everything to us Mixers. After hearing the news yesterday I was ready to build a shrine dedicated to them. Not like a weird, cultish, effegy-burning shrine, but something far too weird for a 20-year-old woman nonetheless. And then I decided, what’s better than a shrine? A ranking. Their discography is impressive and even though I am a big fan, it’s no secret to me that some of their songs are better than others. Here’s a comprehensive ranking of which Little Mix songs slap the hardest, in memory of our gal Jesy Nelson. Long may she reign in our hearts as the fourth and fav Little Mix member.

18. My Love Won’t Let You Down

Little Mix does great ballads when given the right song (Secret Love Song or Breathe) but, I can’t help but think the girls wanted this to be a tearjerker. For me, it was a little bit boring and sometimes I think the song is over but it just carries on? This is probably my least favourite song on their new album but it’s still a worthy mention because it lightly slaps. Just a tap. A light rap on the roof. A cat on a hot tin roof. Moving on.

17. Cannonball

The girls covered this ballad nine years ago after making history and becoming the first band to win the X-Factor. It’s not just a ballad, it’s a work of art that often gets overlooked. Quickly, this song became number one and showcased the girls’ vocals. Incredible.

It makes the ranking because Jade Thirwall beautifully sings the first verse acapella. However, as beautiful as it is, it’s not really fitting in with their style and proves that their original songs always do better.

16. Break Up Song

Mixers love this but I can’t help but think it’s running off the back of Shout Out to My Ex? It’s like a more euphoric version, kind of like if Shout Out to My Ex had an older sister, this would be it. That’s not a bad thing but it’s just like “been there, done that” kind of vibe. However, the video is iconic.

15. Word Up!

This was a Sport Relief single back in 2014, it was a bit of a banger but it didn’t really rock my world. However, it deserves a place in the ranking because of its energy.

14. Little Me

This is pure filth, 2013 me needed this. It was uplifting, empowering and listening to this on the bus to school was a massive fuck off vibe. This midtempo ballad was everything I loved about Little Mix, it would really bring out the tears and pretty sure kickstarted my lifestyle of crying alone in my bedroom to sad music.

13. Change Your Life

This is so similar to Little Me but I think the vocals are better. It doesn’t rank higher because Leigh-Anne offers a few weird moments of spoken word for some reason and Perrie’s hair is interesting – to say the least.

12. Hair

Somehow this song didn’t even make the top ten back in 2015 however it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t slap. Anything with Sean Paul typically does well but maybe what stopped this from ranking higher in my brain is the clinginess of Sean Paul in the music video – he attempts to FaceTime them loads, get the hint pal.

11. Black Magic

Okay, this one fucking slaps, like really, really hardcore slaps me round the face and stomps on my throat with a rhythmic force. I can’t get over it and I don’t think I will ever get over it. This is undeniably a banger and it proved itself by landing number one for three whole weeks – this song arguably made the girls so much bigger than what they were before it.

10. Bounce Back

“Steady, are you ready?” indeed. This song was the first one after the girls dropped Simon Cowell as their manager. This one, originally I couldn’t stand because it was overplayed but now I am stanning.

9. Love Me Like You

Little Mix went back to the 50s with this banger. Throwing in a little shoulder shimmy and a fuck tonne of vibes, this song is a big mood.

8. Wings

Coincidentally, this was the girls’ second number one. Can be heard in their DNA album along with Cannonball but I believe this song really stood out, hence why I have ranked it higher. The entire three minute and thirty-nine-second length song gives us everything our 2012 selves wanted. The girls really outdid themselves on this one, they gave us a little sneak peek of what we had to come.

7. Not a Pop Song

Now this one is a big “F you, Simon, you bit rat” and us Mixers love it. The lyrics are quirky, the melody is catchy and it’s definitely memorable. However, it’s not quite memorable enough to rank higher than some of the other songs by Little Mix.

6. Secret Love Song Pt. II (ft Jason Derulo)

A total crowd pleaser and beautiful song as a whole. Jade was the one to announce that this song was dedicated to all their LGBTQ+ fans and since then this song has had a whole new meaning.

Probably would be number one in this ranking, but Jason Derulo (the least LGBTQ+ man in the world) ruins it with his autotuned vocals. Also, Jade only gets two solo lines? Not a mega fan of that.

5. Shout Out to My Ex

Now, this is arguably the best and biggest single the girls have ever released. It’s a breakup anthem with relatable lyrics and showcases the girls’ powerhouse vocals. Just a massive “fuck you” to all of our personal Zayn Malik’s.

4. Happiness

Our girl, Jesy Nelson, really gets her moment to shine in this song on their latest album. Her vocals are incredible and she gets nothing but my respect.

3. Touch

It should come as no surprise to you that this song is nearing our number one. It’s a bit of everyone, the sexy lyrics, tune, and vibrant video are what makes listening to this track a religious experience. Fans have also concluded that this song is all about getting fingered which, when you listen to the lyrics, you can kind of believe.

It was an act of violence when this song only got to number four in the charts. I am still fuming about that.

2. Sweet Melody

Firstly I’d like to say that this music video lives rent-free in my head. It instantly put itself as a girl group classic straight after it arrived. The catchiness of the song is loveable and it includes everything Mixers have been asking for for years, the choreography is better than WAP and you know it too.

1. Wasabi

This song was overlooked, it needed to be a single and it needed to have its own promotional video. Once again, Jade slays and takes the crown. The whole song is a positive spin on people talking shit about you, what’s not to like?

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