instagram vanish mode

Instagram has a new Vanish Mode where your messages disappear after they’re read

Now you really have no excuse to still be on Snapchat

Instagram has a new Vanish Mode, which lets you send messages that disappear once they’ve been read.

It lets users have “fun, casual conversations with messages that don’t stick around” – and here’s how you can enable Vanish Mode, if that’s what you’re in to.

Obviously, Vanish Mode still isn’t 100 per cent secure. The person you’re talking to can of course screenshot the messages, so to all the fuck boys reading this: Don’t use the new Mode to cheat.

How do I turn on Instagram Vanish Mode?

First, make sure the Instagram app is updated. Go to the app store to do make sure you have the latest version.

Then go on to Instagram, and tap the DM button in the top corner.

An icon should pop up asking if you want to “upgrade”, meaning your Insta DMs and Facebook Messenger will be linked.

Once your Instagram has upgraded, you’ll be able to enable Vanish Mode.

Open a DM chat and then swipe up. This will activate an Incognito Mode chat, where messages disappear once you’re done talking.

Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll be able to do other things like react to messages with emojis, and change the colours of your chats. However, don’t worry if you can’t do this yet – app updates can take a while to roll out to all users.

Apparently Facebook Messenger too is getting a Vanish Mode. It will “unsend” messages based on a timer you set. Once the timer has expired, the messages will disappear.

It’s not the same thing as the Secret Conversations feature, which Messenger already has. Right now, Messenger’s Vanish Mode is available in America and will be coming to the UK soon.

Does Instagram Vanish Mode show when you’ve taken a screenshot?

According to this tweet, Instagram tells people with a message that you “took a screenshot”. If you think you’re going to be sending some stuff you don’t want being screenshot, maybe try it out with your mates first and see what happens.

instagram vanish mode

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