dixie d'amelio hacked

Dixie D’Amelio’s TikTok account has been hacked by a gun-wielding teenager

All her videos have been deleted

Dixie D’Amelio’s TikTok account has been hacked by an anonymous gun-wielding teenager, whilst all of her videos have been deleted in the process.

At around 6 am this morning her account was hijacked, with the hacker posting a number of videos including one that appeared to show them holding a gun and shouting into the camera. Her account was quickly disabled, and as of writing still hasn’t been reinstated.

A source has reportedly claimed that TikTok is in the process of restoring her account as well as her father’s, both of which had millions of followers and were taken down this morning.

Several videos were reportedly uploaded to her account, including the above one in which the teenager waves a gun and shouts: “Get beamed, r****d. Should’ve used the fucking middleman!” with the caption “JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. It’s unsure if this is aimed at anyone in particular as it’s unsure who a “middleman” could be in this situation, but Joe was referenced several times. When trying to access her account, users are now met with a message that reads: “User doesn’t exist.”

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Both Dixie and her father Marc were hacked by the group

Her bio was briefly updated to “follow @koiiddd”, and another video seemed to reference “The Chuckling Squad” who was behind a hack of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account in 2019.

Dixie and her family recently came under fire over an episode of their new show Dinner with the D’Amelios, in which they were seen as being “disrespectful” to their personal chef by pretending to vomit when he brought them snails to try.

Dixie responded to the controversy in a video in which she showed some of the hateful messages that she had received as a result of the clip. She explained that the chef and her team tried to prank her into eating the snail, but this didn’t prevent her going into a feud with fellow creator Trisha Paytas, that resulted in Dixie dancing to an audio of Trisha using the n-word.

Dixie had 46 million followers and over one and a half billion likes before the hack.

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