QUIZ: Can you guess the pop group from their obscure member alone?

I couldn’t name one person from The Vamps

Do you remember the good old days when pop groups dominated the charts? If you wanted to become a singer, it was practically expected to form a group or band and we had some of the best, but nowadays it’s lame solo artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift that dominate. Is it so much to ask to see the return of at least a few groups of a similar calibre to Sugababes or Westlife? It’s like once One Direction disappeared we had nothing in the way of classic girl/boy powergroups.

Anyway, society has clearly gone past the need for pop groups, so let’s reminisce with a little quiz. Below are 10 obscure pop group members and all you have to do is match them with the band they were in – sounds easy, doesn’t it?

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