How well do you remember 2020 TikTok? Take this quiz to find out

No matter where you place, mum number three is everybody’s favourite

2020 has been a year many of us did not expect nor want when entering the new decade but here we are, close to the end, hoping 2021 will be ever so slightly easier on us. One app that made waves even before the rebrand and has been a solace to us all, is TikTok. Whether it’s eating nutmeg to get high, eating the rich, or doing hot girl shit, TikTok has got you covered.

In the year that has been so unprecedented and that we have begged to just give us a break, TikTok has seen the rise and fall of many internet faces over the space of this year. There may be light at the end of the tunnel but without TikTok, we would never have been able to know what wocky slush is, and maybe that’s a good thing. But regardless of that, have you been paying attention to all the TikTok trends and drama that has happened this year?

Take this quiz on 2020 TikTok trivia to find out how much you remember:

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