Cheating to faking suicide: A look back at Stephen Bear’s past controversies

Spoiler alert: He’s always been a dick

Some TV personalities only find their way onto our screens for their sheer shock factor alone, and this is something that Stephen “Hollywood” Bear knows all too well. He seems to have propped his career upon being the most outrageous, obnoxious voice in the room anywhere he goes and, at times, this has strayed into some pretty troublesome ground. Luckily for all of us, however, he’s done it all in front of cameras to keep the stupider people of this world entertained, which means there’s plenty for us to pick apart.

So, from pouring champagne and tiramisu all over a date, to asking twin sisters if they’d like to have an orgy with him on national TV, here’s a selection of Stephen “Hollywood” Bear’s worst moments.

Bear shouts at the cast of Just Tattoo Of Us

Just tattoo of us is probably the most toxic television show you could possibly think up, so it’s no surprise that they chose Stephen “Hollywood” Bear to lead proceedings. In the above clip, you’ll see him throwing a complete tantrum and offering a masterclass on how to deal with personal issues the wrong way (not that tattoos are the right way).

Everything about these five minutes is concerning: The sudden pulling out of the eye patch, asking people to hug it out and “patch” things up after he’d just thrown a tirade, before going back into said tirade seems completely volatile, and the body language of everyone in the room reflects this.

He said “fuck” 12 times in this clip (I counted), but the best part has to be: “You should be ashamed of ya… selves…”

Bear asks twins for an orgy so they leave halfway through

On today’s episode of “man does shitty things then gets annoyed with women when they’ve had enough”, Bear decides to say a load of disgusting things to twin sisters, among them that he thinks they should have a threesome and an orgy and that he disapproves that they don’t kiss on the first date.

Safe to say they didn’t take kindly to his constant sexual jibes and ended up leaving early. Good for them, but it’s his behaviour afterwards that is most problematic. The girls described him as “inappropriate” and fellow celeb Jonathan Cheban made it very clear that he thought Bear had been out of line, but Stephen “Hollywood” Bear clearly couldn’t see eye to eye with them.

Among his parting comments were: “It’s those birds that missed out. I didn’t fancy them anyway,” and “How can girls leave halfway through a date? Come on! It’s rude! It’s rude.” Yup, they were the rude ones.

Bear leaves a date just eight minutes in

In the above compilation of what E4 has aptly described as “Stephen Bear’s Best Bits” (countdown to this title being changed), we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to one-liners. As viewers, are we genuinely supposed to laugh when he asks a date how long it takes for boys to get into her panties?

Or how about leaving a date just eight minutes in, leaving just a note that the waiter had to deliver? Or even giving the same rhetoric to each new woman he sees, telling them they’re the “best looking” women he’s seen in his life? It’s just gross.

Bear covers his date with champagne and tiramisu

In this charming display of chivalry, Bear decides to have a bit of fun by spraying the champagne bottle like someone on a podium. Ah well, it’s not all that b… oh, then he picks up the bottle and directly pours it onto her chest… oh, and then he smears tiramisu on her forehead… then he intentionally spills the glass over her. This seems too much for Tom, who genuinely looks like he might break.

Hollywood Bear’s justification? “I’m a red-blooded male and I’ve got needs!”

Bear gets forced to admit that he cheated

Within the first 10 seconds of this video you just know that you hate him – throwing a drink on himself looked hilarious when he came up with it in his head, but it’s just so cringe – especially after he admitted he did it just so that she couldn’t get any upper ground.

He even joked about being spiked which is why he cheated. Honestly, it’s also quite sad to see people allow him to behave like this but that’s what happens here.

Bear tells people he was tempted to fake his suicide

And that brings us up to the present day, where he’s been sharing his thoughts on the latest controversy with Georgia Harrison on social media. This has culminated in various controversial Instagram stories but the above has proven to be the worst:

“I was so tempted to do the ultimate fuckin’ narcissist move and make everyone feel sorry for me. All I’d have to do is get a bit of rope, sling it around my neck, throw it off a fuckin ledge, get one of my mates to save me because I could easily set that up.

And all you people would have been like (shocked face) and then you’d all backtrack, and you’d delete all your comments, and all your news articles would all disappear. Because that’s what happens, but you’re lucky that I’m so strong.”

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